Sells Goals Objectives Feature

Text that prodaet.Tseli, objectives, role. First of all, however trite it may sound, when you write a sales letter – do it with great enthusiasm and energy! Let the pages of this text, pour your emotions! Do not just beat the keys of a keyboard or a pen drive on a paper, and get drunk with this process, be it the process! Enjoy a sincere admiration for your proposed products of the benefits and prospects that it will provide your buyer. Shall describe in detail all of this, and let your sincerity flows from paper directly to the consumer! Turn back a few blocks: emotionally colored and emotionally charged stories, a small pinch intelligent humor, words that evoke the mind of the reader vivid images. Also not unimportant detail when you write a good ad text should pay close attention to headings. Why them? First of all, because the title is at least half uspeha.Eto is where your selling texts lose most people.

Is where all your work can go down the drain. The title can ruin everything, if it is written correctly. Y there is no header hit the target reader. There is no purpose to sell your product. The sole purpose of the title should be to make a person read your first paragraph. What you write after the header. Experiment: come up with a strange, veiled title.

For example: The night mist, the hour has come. Ready? This seemingly strange ironic title will attract the attention of man, and he will definitely read the next paragraph. You can also use the title date, an upcoming event that a person has in mind a framework in which to operate (have time / do not have time). With regard to the length of the header, it does not matter how long he will let him to live his life. Most importantly, it served its function. He should make a person read the next paragraph. Also, note the following important detail. Marketing text will not be able settle in the customer desire to purchase this product, which it simply is not needed and does not have any value for him initially. All that can sell the text – this is to stir, shake dreams and desires, to kindle a fire, which is already in the heart, mind and soul of the buyer. The only thing that can sell the text – this is to focus all existing target market emotions around a particular product or service. Take these factors into account, and it necessarily bring you closer to the goal. Namely – to increase sales and improve the efficiency of your company.