It is in the field that they will develop much of their essential skills as teachers, demonstrating the Science and Art of Selling, which you must master in a practical way and thanks to know how to teach (always with affection, good character and will) is your people and respect them and Estimate and then will follow naturally. That is the real leadership process and will bring the best results… you know very well why no mistake, simply fluctuating yielding no results if their commands are at least 60% of their time directly in the field daily with their vendors.

Their managers or sales managers, giving a personal example to his people, are always formally dressed, taking care that matches their physical appearance image of a winner, demonstrating, teaching and require all its SELLERS good looking and great care, since it is indispensable in the life of the Business (as they see you they treat you). To do otherwise only means tolerate losers and that the negative spread and attract your business.

Forget the 6th prizes or collective commissions divided equally among everyone. It’s a waste!, Any Seller to always bear fruit, he hates that kind of “incentives.” He is a unique individual and therefore an award like “unique” which distinguishes it from others.