Retail Research

Did you know that the online trade to the retail will grow 19% in Spain in 2011, reaching the estimated 9.4 million euros, according to a survey by the Center for Retail Research? This fact means that despite the current economic situation, Internet represents a great opportunity, since so many are not yet SMEs who use the web as a selling point in Spain, and the market presents a great potential to develop their own businesses. Open a business on the Internet is one strategic decision that any company or professional should begin by defining what are its objectives. With this fundamental idea in mind, there are several tools that the market offers, all-in-one solutions that help us conduct our business or online store and that do not need prior technical knowledge. The same domain, or hosting provider can facilitate us a tool of management and administration of our shop. The majority of this type of electronic commerce tools offers a catalog of products where to be able to offer our products, graphic templates, systems of payment by credit card or paypal, languages and currencies options and all the necessary tools to be able to assemble our own business and be able to start selling online. When you create an online store, it is important to take into account the following points: Security: is important that our e-commerce tool provider is adhering to the standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer), guarantee of maximum security in the encrypted transmission of data on purchases made by credit card on the net. Customization: our tool should offer us the possibility to customize the store online with our logo and corporate identity: it is important to have a varied amount of available graphics and the ability to customize the CSS and HTML code are intended to satisfy any need for ease of use graphic design: an important point is that the tool of our choice is easy to use; Normally this type of tools offers a control panel intuitive, without having specific expertise that will allow us to easily create and manage our store, with an ecommerceprofesional site. It is a key task that the Organization of the product catalog, the promotion through major Internet sales platforms and the order management very simple operations are.