Respect in life is essential to have harmonious relationships with others and live in a more ordered world, so also is paramount respect oneself why? Because it is part of our self-esteem and good habits allows us to take control of our lives. It is common to find people who earn the fame of irresponsible, arriving and undisciplined, the serious problem of this is that no one trusts these people and the consequence is that discrediting ends up impacting negatively on the lives of these people, so to achieve positive change is absolutely essential to be disciplined. The mind and life of persons are subject to different types of habits, then when a person says: I’ll get to 10 in the morning, today I wash the car, tomorrow I finish the report, then the mind associates that those facts will indeed occur, if not we respect our own word and we do not deliver, then we begin to lose control in all, and more later when we propose serious goals, our mind It will associate that it is a game because we’ve never been responsible for, then the mental path of non-compliance will begin to take power. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt shows us how a positive or negative idea takes power in our lives, in the case of irresponsibility, if we do not change radically then all the forces of the universe will act to keep the mental programming, through reading this book you will learn techniques for implanting new beliefs that allow you to overcome the paradigms that bind it in your subconscious mind to not achieve what you want and start a new life full of successes. It is important to get used to compliance, make that our word has weight, which means complying with the things that we have proposed, in that sense before taking any commitment is necessary to reflect whether we are willing to carry out that work, we feel comfortable, we will have the time to do it, etc.