I have a car, which is a little old. But nine years on the run without a major overhaul, to reduce fuel consumption and was not going. I think, still the same stretch. However, a year ago, I was worn out with it, I already sold to some “fish is.” A Now my opinion about his “old woman” has changed radically. The reason for this was one small bottle. It to me on New Year’s gifted brother-in-law.

I read the inscription on the label – Power Plus mpg, thought maybe a tool for . I ask: “What is this crap you give me, my distributor, vtulil? “He answered:” It’s not you, it’s “horse” yours! “Well, I put the bottle on the shelf, remembered him only a week later. How to use this, of course, did not know. Found the correct site, read description, instruction. You never can tell, I decided to try it. Now I can tell, that came out of it. Go tell, no advertising will not be. Only real recommendations.

Why do I need it? Just tired of seeing the smoke from the exhaust tubes, breathe it. My machine here is no longer smokes. Use biocatalyst Power Plus mpg simple. A small bottle, with 15 milliliters. In a vial dropper. We are counting on eye-dropper. 1 ml is designed for 30 liters of gasoline. Best in the first thirty liters to fill it, so do not calculate there tenths. And even more practical, giving milliliter full sorokalitrovy tank. Well, maybe a little more drop.