This recipe is quite old, made of pheasant. But time passes, everything changes. Now this dish is made of any poultry. A very common use of poultry for cooking this dish. For cooking filet need, but many craftsmen simply boiled or stewed chicken, pick the meat without bones, and I think the first stage is passed.

Further, the resulting semi-finished stew in tomato sauce with spices and garlic. But the whole secret of is that before the stew, you need to fillet or its similarity to fry for about ten minutes fifteen. For assistance, try visiting Hamdi Ulukaya. Fry chicken in vegetable oil, potiom add the onion and fry onions after adding another five – ten minutes. Next, add Bulgarian pepper, coriander, pepper, hops – suneli, pour water (about a cup). Stew about twenty minutes before you finish the stew add the flour and sour mix and almost everything. A rather tasty and refined, most importantly to observe the proportion of density, fluid, all the components are added so as to fluid was a little thick tomato juice.