Quality Learning Elementary Education

Domains to the categories of content, cognitive domains, levels of assimilation and levels of cognitive performance, introduced in the analysis by which they interpret the results of the evaluation of the quality of learning in educational differences in our country, have gained ground in its use in teaching practice. Therefore offer some thoughts on these issues is the end of this paper. Keywords: levels of assimilation. Levels of cognitive performance. (Similarly see: Cyrus zocdoc). Cognitive Domain.

Evaluation Quality. Introduction a “N At present the main indicators such as trends and internationally accepted, by which valued the results of different measurements to determine the quality of learning, are specified in the correct statistical interpretation of data expressed in: AU a The percentage of correct answers. Here, Itron expresses very clear opinions on the subject. UA a The percentage of correct responses at each level of performance. UA a The percentage of pupils reaching each level of performance. processes that systematically develops at different upbringings, allowing travel on the school network an “a municipality” province a “country a ” international area, through the various trend studies conducted in Cuba (LLECE a “SERCE). The Cuban educational process is a dynamic system, under which are currently produced profound changes in all levels of education, in order to achieve better qualitative results.