What you should know about the world of promotional products and giveaways Carnival is closely connected with the tradition of the Street Parade. No one is sitting at home, all celebrate on the streets, meet up with friends, eat together. The colorful revelers group dances and sings and makes lots of noise. Filed under: Crawford Lake Capital. But is permitted during the Carnival. Additional information is available at Crawford Lake Capital Management. All want to finally have fun and forget the daily grind. The colorful costumes help to put yourself in a different world. The masks covering the faces so that they no longer recognized so you must don’t be afraid that you will have any problems with the boss the next day.

The people from the big cities and small villages celebrate together and forward to the special Festival Mardi. The fifth season is an unusual time, and the Festival of women is part of it. The tradition of this festival comes from the 19th century as the washerwomen of Beuel, in the vicinity of Bonn, have decided, also to take part in Carnival. Earlier, it was common that especially the men on have participated in the Festival. As the men picked up the laundry and went to Cologne with a ship, the washerwomen founded a women’s Committee and have begun to celebrate.

This tradition is still alive. The Weiberfastnacht is celebrated every year. On the Thursday before Ash Wednesday at 11:11 women to the City Hall race, to cut the tie to the officials. This tradition is cultivated above all in Cologne, Mainz and Bonn. The women receive the symbolic keys of the city. The men fear to their tie, hiding. Most people celebrate in North Rhine-Westphalia. In this country, there are colorful parades almost in every city and in every small village. The people wear beautiful costumes, celebrate on the street. The children have in school. The Shrove Monday is the biggest day at the Carnival. Except the Mardi, he plays the largest role in Carnival time. In the majority of cities, there are colorful parades, the Orchestra play, all people participate in the Festival. The kids are looking for the The candy that you are on the road. Each channel makes a transfer of the streets, where there is just a Carnival parade. The participants of the parade are always beautifully dressed. Many wear costumes that are associated with the traditional figures. This is not only the fool but also a devil and a witch. Some children prefer the costumes, which especially reminiscent of famous fairy tales. The Weiberfastnacht is an old tradition that originated in the 19th century. The tie cutting is cultivated every year. No man is free of them. Most men carry only such ties, which don’t really like it that day. Women dominate on this day, which is reminiscent of the famous washerwomen. There is a large party with loud music and food. All dance together and look forward to the evening, when it is already dark and the colorful lights look especially nice. The people eat bratwurst and other traditional specialties, beer and converse with friends. You finally have time to private failures to catch up. Oliver Smith