On many occasions we find ourselves in situations in which we are not aware of the impact that cause certain actions or decisions we make. It may be that our decision does not have greater impact, however, there are times in which the consequences can even be unimaginable, even when apparently it does not. And it is here where it is important to know the concept of PRECESSION. Precession is a concept that has its origin in physics and was defined by Dr. Buckminster Fuller. The precession occurs when a body in motion interferes with another body also moving at an angle of 90. Put another way, we do something and at an angle of 90 it happens something much more important. When something in motion is aimed at a specific target, the precesionales events, occurring at 90, they are much more far-reaching.

The classic example to understand this concept is the bee. If we could ask you what is your function, we would probably say that produce honey. However, the action of letting the nectar from flower to flower, makes the bee polinice. And thanks to such pollination flowers playback occurs. Without flowers, without vegetation would not be possible the life on Earth, since they are responsible for the production of oxygen.

If you see it in perspective, perhaps now fall into the account that we cannot live without honey but not without plant life. This is precession. An act of greater importance than we can appreciate or understand at the very moment in which we carry out our actions. So PRECESSION is of a factor does lack in-dis-pen-sa-ble: action! And as everything in life, the precession can also be both in sense positive as negative. If we think about it for a moment, we can recognize which type of actions can create positive PRECESSION: generosity, charity a simple handout, allowing a boy at the height of the semaphore clean you the windshield and you give a coin-, honesty, innovation, donations, new opportunities to those who need them, lowest prices on products or services offer, etc., and which can also lead to ALTRUISM and abundance. We can be found by the side of the negative actions: greed, selfishness, dishonesty, pettiness, lawsuits, frauds, higher prices than what we may really healthily, charge etc., and which finally lead to shortages and greed. Persons seeking to transcend with your make (great executives, large employers, your same dear reader, or I) no matter what we do, are like bees looking for honey/benefits/money/transcendence and to play the game of win – win, create wealth pouring honey in our surrounding. And we do this by adding value to everything we do. Goethe once said: If you think that you or dream you can, begin. The boldness has genius, power and magic. Dare to do and you will be given the power (of conduct). Even Henry Ford said: so if you think you can and if you think that you can’t, in both cases are right. And perhaps without consciously me account such as the bee-the fact of publishing this article be a positive precesional Act.