Paradise Premantura

At the southernmost point of Istria, a little more than 10 km away from Pula, is a 450-strong place called Premantura, right in the lee of the Cape, once a national park, protected area today, but still. The unique landscape and rare plant species enter the peninsula to its fascination. Impressive is the lighthouse of Porer, which was built in 1846 in the Cape and dominates the view to the sea. Ever since the Bronze Age Premantura was inhabited by the Romans found the area ideal for living and built their villas. Some still give witness. A wonderful statue of the goddess Minerva was found here and is now in the Museum of Pula to visit.

The nature area of Kamenjak, lies in the Premantura is unique. Only 6 km long but with 30 km of coastline, there are several protected coves, sometimes rocky, sometimes with a beach. They are largely protected from the wind and bathing in the crystal clear water is very pleasant. All kinds of dirt roads and few cars drivable lead to secluded coves where one without problems nude bathing can. Surfing, diving, snorkeling and fishing are some of the sports where you can follow here very well. Many are protected species and over 500 different plants here, including rare orchids, but also pine groves to donate in the summer shade. An untouched nature invites you to switch off from everyday stress and hiking.

Numerous small islands are stored before and around the Cape, which can be best achieved by Premantura out. In the small village of Premantura there are some small restaurants that are quite well known for their good and numerous fish and seafood specialties. The selection is big, rich fish stocks. But commercial self is found to be particularly sought by visitors to the nearby campsites or holiday apartments. Pula has good bus connections to Premantura. There can book you on the local small airport for a scenic flight around the Cape and the entire reserve. But there are also many other places, reached by Premantura well and where it is worth seeing are, for example Nesactium, where there is an old Roman settlement, the famous Marina Pomer or Medulin, the most popular holiday resort and meistbesuchste Istria.