A single exists in other industries, such as mining or natural resources, determining conditions of the factors that is decisive. For example, says, that Saudi Arabia exports oil because it possesses that resource, not because it has favorable demand conditions, support, strategies, structures, or rivalry of their companies and related industries. Management should know that the relative importance of the different determinants in an industry dependent on propellants for competitive success in the same. It is wrong to assume that the mixture of the determinants required to achieve success on an international scale is the same for all the industries. In reality, the country or countries that have a critical mass of favourable conditions in the determinants which are most important for that industry, will have an advantage over other countries. Equally, it is wrong to conclude that have advantages in all determinants constitutes the most suitable and sustainable situation. Hold a national advantage in a specific industry depends on the nature of competition in the industry, how these advantages relate to the determinants and how they both change over time.

An advantage in a single determinant (e.g. a specific natural resource) could be more sustainable than temporary advantages in several of them. To all this must be added other factors where management should be prepared according to the characteristics of the national and international stages such as: economic reality, its stability, its casualties, its crisis that crucially affect the financial life of the company, as well as affect the behavior of their consumers in regard to the adquisisicon of the products. New economic openings, partnerships, agreements and everything that this generates for the possibilities to enter new markets, how to protect the already conquered. The actions of competitiveness with the foray into the domestic market and the competitive advantages of the products and services offered. The incidence of political behavior, the intervention of the State in the operating capacity of the enterprise and its impact on organizational behavior. The risk, uncertainty that is generated, to mean that the State takes in relation to the participation of the companies in their economic programmes. Faced with this reality, is born a serious, well defined, where national universities, especially its level pre and postgraduate management schools, should redesign a new Administrator profile and commitment contribute the knowledge needed for that Venezuelan management our case can not only interpret the characteristics of the current scenarios, but be prepared for deal with them, take their profits, successfully venture into them.

CRM Areas

What lies behind the concept of controlling Why is controlling has become so important This will be the two issues, which will deal with this item. Behind the concept lies a management tool for controlling the management and for senior persons in the company. The controlling shares in many aspects. On two major areas will be addressed in this article. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term often falls into the company. Through ERP – systems will be tempted to use the resources of a company in such a way that creates a more effective use along the value chain. It should be avoided, the resources of the company unnecessarily wasted. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) describes the way how to deal with customers and how the customer should be documented. Recently found benchmarking with competitors and competing products being increasingly used in CRM systems. In both areas, there are a lot of software on data-warehouse basis, whichSimplify operations of the firms will. But the consultation, analysis and simulation is very important with the help of the controlling in these two areas, because the data of the software must be interpreted. With the introduction of sound policies, enterprise-wide, integrated information must be available to as countermeasures in the restructuring of a company, the business reengineering, or when to proceed. The last paragraph of this article one can easily imagine why the controlling has become so important. Through good Controllingsysteme many management decisions can be simplified. The efficiency of the company can be selectively increased, threats can be detected early. In addition, the structure of the enterprise can be adjusted according to market demand and improved.

Useful Time Management

We know that the time is a valuable resource, but often are not conscious of it because we did not act suitably for its better advantage, next we give some advice to make more cash its use of the time: 1. We do first what we do not like: Ideally all the activities of our life we would have to enjoy them to the maximum, with effort and dedication is possible to obtain it, but in the way it is very probable to find us with situations that we do not like absolutely, then that is well first that we must do because otherwise it will become a terrible mental load and we will not be peacefully making the activities that if we enjoyed. 2. We make the activities first most difficult: Normally when we faced an examination said the opposite exactly to us but we were before the disadvantage of the lack of experience and a time reduced enough, now when we spoke of the goals in the personal life or enterprise he is different, finally we must fulfill the responsibilities that we have then the suitable thing is to begin with the most complex things because they demand more attention and energy, that decision will give a sensation us of tranquillity to the hour that we are executing the easiest activities, also the fatigue will feel to a lesser extent. 3. We organize our agenda by precedence: There are situations that require immediate attention then we solve at the moment, we never allow to leave for later what is immediate because from arises the chaos there. In the measurement that we structure all the activities ordenadamente everything will work effectively. 4. It leaves time comforts: The majority of the cases happens that the anticipated time to develop an activity extends, knowing this we we do not have to work with fit times.

Capital Front

In these transformations does not appraise the certain the wrong one, that they are characterized as labels who the society uses to mark the individuals and classrooms, but the different one. Questions as these, pparently of pedagogical matrix, require ampler understanding of the education of the language materna, mainly in capitalist societies, characterized for social, ideological differences, that they do not leave to reflect the consequences in the education. In this scene, the position of the school, in relation to the education of the language materna, is of that the pupils of the popular, falantes layers of variety not-standard, ignore its linguistic variety substituting them for the only accepted variety as ' ' correta' ' , the variety standard of the ruling classes. One of the main causes of a language education materna badly guided in some schools is the estimated one of that the pupil does not know the language, taking it to concentrate it its grammatical efforts and attention in the theories and rules, calling as ' ' it speaks of ignorantes' ' the language of the inferior social classes, summarizing to the professor the function to correct the errors of the pupil, imposing to them said forms as correct. It is common to see professors who teach to the language materna, unsatisfied with the work, frustrated, transferring the guilt of the problems to the pupil, complaining of that the same it has overhead linguistic, that does not understand what it reads, that they disdain the education of the grammar; rare times the professor if sees as basic part of this gear, losing of sight the paper that has to play in the improvement of the quality of education. They meet inside of one same country, conflicts how much to the concept of a correct language in determined contexts, and extending this look, it is observed that inside of one exactly been, verify varied types of preconception, as example, when linguajar of the people of the capital front to the one of the interior is compared.


Actually the concept of 'spirit of capitalism' appears as in Weber's definition of that system of thought, which is characterized by systematic and rational pursuit of legitimate profit within their profession. Weber shows that the pursuit of vocation, achievement – the capitalist only feature. Capitalist ethics assumes a certain ideal. A person associated with that ideal, must have a number of qualities and undergo the prescribed path. First and foremost, "capitalist" person is characterized by hard work and thrift.

With these qualities, he is dedicated to and receives certain result – solves the problem of life support. By taking his business-like "in their". And as the highest award of recognition he gets other people. That this is done self-actualization of man, saying, modern language. Thus, Max Weber and Abraham Maslow gave a description of the motivational principles of Western man: should strive to achieve (goal setting) must rely only on themselves, their strength – exercise "Private initiative", to achieve the desired aim in stages, gradually realizing their needs (planning), action must be rational, ie individual must clearly define what he aspires to and what means, "rationality" is accepted by the individual as the western "correct" way of action. In the early twentieth century, Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford, the genius felt this principle, developed the basis of the motivation system in Western society, building on its self-stimulation. However, this principle has faced some difficulties in other cultures (eg Japanese), where it was not applicable. And as in Russia? Individual pacing labor, as it turned out, poorly applied in Russia. This is because the organization needs in the Russian society has a different ethical system than in the West.

Technology Review

Since the time of the industrial revolution, in middle of century XVIII, that the workers in the entire world fear the loss of the job as result of the technological advances. At the time, the machines had brought greater productivity for the industry, but they had destroyed many ranks of work manual. Other occupations, however, had been created to give have supported to a system of more modern production. This process if has repeated throughout centuries, whenever a technology is substituted by another one. The question that if places currently, is to know if the speed with that the technological innovations ' ' destroem' ' jobs are bigger of what the sprouting of new ranks of work. According to reviewed Technology Review, of the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT), in the United States, the American product grew in the last five years, but the amount of lost jobs arrived the six million more than. It is possible that factors as terceirizao of man power is of the country has affected these numbers, but the analyst believes that the responsible greater for the exaggeration between economic growth and generation of job has been the automation. Nobel of economy in 2010, professor Peter Diamond, does not believe that the technological innovations provoke a permanent reduction in the job, but foresees an increase in the income concentration as consequncia.

An option to the search for job has been the empreendedorismo. That is, to use to advantage the chances that appear with the technological advances and to become entrepreneur. The business plan, therefore, can be the best alternative to the lost job for the automation. Ricardo Keys Rasp

European Online

Nevertheless, the partners clearly overestimated the market size and ability to implement it. After 18 months, went bankrupt after spending all investors' money. It is obvious today, it is clear that failure was inevitable. Expensive equipment, high tariffs for the delivery of significantly increased the cost of the goods. These factors are disappointed with the potential retail market in feasibility convenient Internet shopping. Over time, the World Wide Web has increased the scope, it is now rightly called a global, but despite this, the market for electronic sales of clothing is too crude, untrained, inexperienced, and most importantly, incredulous.

When deciding on how to increase sales of clothing through the Internet, you need to market segmentation. And most importantly, find out at what the market will have to work – at market natural or legal persons. It's time to talk about shopping. The modern woman spoiled many shops, services available and services that are forced to develop boutique owners. She loves to feel new clothes for myself, for the time shopping is able to re-measure a range of goods, and most importantly, remember the relationship with the product. This is a special ritual. Scientifically proven that the woman spends in Russia in stores from 3 to 7 years of life. Once these statistics it becomes clear why many boutiques refreshing air conditioning, comfortable couches and aromooborudovanie.

In the online stores must be present compensatory services. Lack of sofas can be replaced, for example, details of clothing and other characteristics – fabric, dimensions, senses of touch. Lack of air conditioning – in a convenient and quick delivery. Barrier of mistrust can be reduced by offers several products for a fitting. A variety of payment options (terminal, cash, money the web, through web banking or usual bank) – one of the competitive advantage of any online store. The market of individuals – it female-dominated European lifestyle, tired of everyday shopping, but can busy business lady who did not find time for endless shopping. But is that all? Indeed, many well-known brands do not geographically accessible, so ladies take a risk – order online. They are connoisseurs of high fashion, of whom they say that "they dress straight from the catwalks of Italy." In their locker room is not a model and RoccoBarocco SASSOFONO. Market entities characterized by the fact that the buyer – an experienced specialist, most likely, not delirious fashion trends. Purchase a complex and multilevel. Wholesale sales are made, usually at the top level of management. Buyer unimportant, knitted cotton or a particular product, it is much more important – the brand. This is a situation where reputation and credibility of the brand's impact on sales. Women's clothing is sold in bulk at many sites, but not bought in all. One has to admit that fashion and to this day is the most complex object online sales. Still, to truly appreciate the clothes can be, just an example of it. This is the problem of retail online stores, completely is not relevant for wholesale. Currently, electronic commerce is actively growing, and wholesale purchasing on the Internet – it is today. Within one hour you can build an application online e-shop, pay convenient way and wait for a product that will deliver a transport company.

Text Formatting

All of the above five types of copywriting one way or another contribute to the promotion of the product, but do it directly is still only three. SEO-copywriting intended more for search engine optimization. And his main goal is raising the ranking of your site and increase attendance. Speechwriting also can not sell, copywriting, as in basic public speaking driving force is the speaker, his charisma and ability to sound beautiful text. What does it take to advertising copywriting (web copywriting and rewriting) has successfully sold? What should be in paper or article to promotion The product was effective? Texts for print advertising and online advertising will differ in some details, but not at its core.

Since in our paper, we consider the question concerning the copywriting for the Internet, We have it in mind. The text for the site and requires a combination of many elements of advertising messages, here are a few: 1. “Delicious” headline. “Read the headlines to five times more than the texts themselves” – Ogilvy on Advertising / D.Ogilvi. The title should “hook” the reader and make reading.

2. Presence in the text illustrations. Many of the best copywriters use in their selling text illustrations. Illustration for the site must also name contain the keyword. Illustration of the keyword in the title is a way to free website promotion on the Web. 3. Key words in the text. Must again remember about keywords. The best option is “Sharpening” articles under the same keyword. That is, in the title, the title and text illustrations, using only one keyword. In the text need to use the keyword several times, preferably in different ways writing. 4. Simple language, clear and relevant subject. It will not hurt and sometimes a drop of good humor and irony. 5. The absence of hype. Article should not “vparivayut”! 6. Readable font. For effective online advertising font size not less than 10, “sans-serif: Arial, Verdana and Arial black, black on white. 7. Text Formatting: selection of key words, short and clear headings, bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, the most important phrase in beginning of the text. 8. Article solve the problem of the reader responds to a question that he asked the search engine generates a lot of useful information. 9. A detailed description of the topic, highlighting unique or new features. 10. A call to action at the end of the text: “buy now”, “to order” and “send a request,” contact information “contact us” and the ease of placing the order. The presence of the aforementioned 10 signs albeit not guarantee 100% success but sales of the product will be provided!


THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MANAGEMENT OF THE PROJECTS. Rosangela Leidentz, AJES. SUMMARY This atigo, of qualitative nature, has as objective to analyze the application of the Management of Projects today used globally and without distinction for great corporations, governments and small non-profit organizations. The leadership in Management of Projects is a competitive ability highly looked as distinguishing so that new business-oriented projects and development are completed in the stated period and inside of the budget. Professionals who work in the management of projects will direct the prosperous development of new companies. The management of projects becomes, to each day, vital for the reach of success in the development of initiatives of the organizations. Its bigger objective is reflected in the necessity to manage projects that take care of to the strategical objectives of the organization, adding value and that they result in the considered benefits and so that this occurs is necessary that performance of the people in the total context of company. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Projects, Management and People.

1. INTRODUCTION planned Enterprise that consists of a set of interrelated actions and coordinates, for reach of objectives and results, inside of the limits of a budget and a period of given time. (ONU, 1984). The present article sample that the power to decide process in the organizations if converts into the essence of the managemental ability, where the responsibility of the manager is to decide the best alternative for each moment where if it finds the organization, in order to guarantee the results waited in the work of the people (collaborating). It has for general objective to identify, as if of the o process of taking of decision in the organizations in the management of projects and which the importance of the people in this performance. All the organizations depend, in greater or minor degree, of the human performance for the success.

Tips For Finding Work

Moderate that the crisis has complicated the student job search, stupid. However, the situation is not so deplorable to give up and abandon the struggle for jobs. Rather, in times of crisis, students need to moderate their expectations on wages. Graduates, economists have to work for “food” compared to last year, the labor market situation has changed radically. For example, consider the city of Obninsk: earlier graduates of the city Obninsk claimed the salary of 20-30 thousand rubles, and now wages fell by 20-30% (as a percentage, the same situation in other cities).

Particularly hard to graduate, economists, marketers, financiers – they may be advised to go to work “for food” and in all possible ways to gain experience. Graduates to technical colleges to find a job will be easier, but they should forget about the high salaries..Net vacancies? Prepare crisis affected many investment insurance and construction companies, so it makes no sense really expect to find work in these areas. The same applies to the retail trade. There will also be subject to the “crisis stress” of tourism, catering and marketing. But currently a steady demand for professionals in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, logistics, transport, security and medicine.

You can also consider options for temporary work. For students in final year and graduates have different jobs which do not require special skills (courier, promoter, loader) or imply a certain level of qualification or equivalent experience (secretary, translator, accountant and others). Even at the time earnings can be quite a good income. Use all the same look work? According to experts, the most effective way to get a job has been and remains the recommendation of friends. But not everyone has someone who is ready to make patronage. Therefore, the second most effective method is job-sites, or city resources in which there is a section on job opportunities and work: In addition to useful information for professionals, the site posted vacancies for graduates and young professionals. Proposals include a variety of areas. Not interfere with looking for work register with the district employment center (there is such a more or less every major city). The data suggest that one of the major portals, employment centers Applicants do not really trust. Undoubted advantage is the fact that the unemployed pay benefits. Trifle, but nice. Today, the minimum allowance in Obninsk is 850 rubles – almost basic .V general, has meaning not to be lazy and use at once all possible options. Anything and there will work. Be prepared that you will knock “facebook” You can find work through the Internet job-sites is not exhausted. Many employers have begun punching a man on the sites “facebook” and “Classmates”. I advise people who are in search of work, to filter information about themselves, hide the data that may alert the employer.