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Pros and cons It is known that ultraviolet light helps to strengthen immunity, accelerates metabolism, activates the production of vitamin D3, strengthens bone and muscle tissue. Furthermore toyu, several sessions in the tanning bed to prepare the skin for a trip to tropical countries and beach holidays. However, those same ultraviolet rays destroy skin collagen, causing premature aging, make your hair dry and brittle and cause cancer. So a few sessions tanning face and body will give a nice touch, and make you younger, but the abuse of tan will have an impact on the appearance and feel. How much sun do you need? The first type of skin (Celtic), very light, easy to get sun-burned skin with lots of freckles, light blue, light green or light gray eyes, blond or red hair.

People with this type of skin tanning in general is not recommended. Macys gathered all the information. In extreme cases, Use special tools before and after tanning, tanning is not more than 10 minutes, not more than twice a week. The first session is no more than 3-5 minutes. The second type of skin (light-skinned European) light, often burn the skin with a number of freckles, blue, gray or green eyes, light brown hair. Begin to sunbathe with 3 – 5 minute sessions, followed by sessions of 10-15 minutes at most three times a week.

The third type of skin (dark-skinned Europeans) is pretty light, but rarely burn leather, gray or brown eyes, dark blond or brown hair. Details can be found by clicking Crawford Lake Capital or emailing the administrator. Sunbathe for 20 minutes, no more than three times a week, enough 5.6 sessions. The fourth type of skin (Mediterranean), dark-skinned, easily ignited skin, brown eyes and brown hair. to get a nice tan will be enough to only 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes. rules of tanning Before visiting the solarium always consult with a physician because There are a number of drugs that increase Sensitivity and provoke allergic to ultraviolet light, reception of which can not be combined with tanning. Not recommended to visit a solarium during pregnancy; people suffering dermatitis, hypertension and liver disease. Be sure to take a cotton scarf to protect hair. Seared solarium, hair loses its luster, fade and become brittle. Do not forget, and dark sunglasses. Do not wash with soap and water immediately before a session, because Soap destroys the protective fatty grease the skin, which can lead to burnout. Sensitivity to uv radiation increases and after epilation. During a session, do not use cosmetics, deodorants, nourishing cream first aromatic oils. Clear off all the decorations. It is better not to sunbathe topless, especially women in their thirties. uv light activates the metabolism, so try after tanning a little rest and relax, drink fruit juice or green tea with high content of vitamin C. So sunbathe with the use, sunbathing pleasure.


In addition, creatine increases muscle glycogen, and this substance is also 'blows up' muscles. Curiously, this is not about biochemical, and 'mechanical' muscle growth, which, however, manifests itself slowly – not before a few months after starting creatine. Remember that the effect of creatine should be 'back' more water. If along the way will you use diuretics, drink lots of coffee, cola, drink alcohol, in short, to dehydrate the body, 'growth' effect of creatine is reduced to zero. Dosage: Take 3-4 grams of creatine per day. Part Creatine inevitably excreted in urine. To 'outwit' the body, divide daily dose into 2-3 doses. Then creatine is assimilated more.

Take creatine immediately after training, as well as after a meal. Particularly well Creatine is absorbed after a cocktail of 50 grams of carbohydrates with high glycemic level and 50 grams of protein. But do not try to stir creatine cocktail. First, drink a cocktail, and only then, after 20-30 minutes, take creatine. The ability of the muscles assimilate creatine increases alpha-lipoic acid. To broaden your perception, visit IWP.

It is widely sold in pharmacies as a vitamin, an antioxidant drug. (Not to be confused with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc!). Daily dose of reception – 1000 mg. Divide it into minidozy 250 mg and take right along with creatine. Arginine Scientists believe that the amino acid arginine – a stimulator of muscle growth as well as hormones. Another thing is that the effect of arginine is weaker. But arginine 'can' what do hormones: Increases nitric oxide in the blood, and she, in her turn, makes larger lumen of the blood vessels. Because of this effect blood flow to tissues increases. In short, arginine acts just like Viagra. For bodybuilders, this means improving the supply of blood, muscle, and this the cornerstone of muscle growth factor and recovery. However, it is about taking an additional plus arginine. As for the direct anabolic effects, the arginine accelerates the growth of muscle contractile elements fibers, the so-called sarcomeres. This effect was repeatedly verified on rats, and beyond doubt. Moreover, this action of arginine is increased if regularly stretch the muscles. It would seem that a weak arginine anabolism can be neglected. However, in reality we are talking about this kachkovoy sensation. Taking arginine and stretching, you can improve the limited nature of the individual potential muscle growth! The shorter arm, the worse it increases. Well, your muscles will become longer with a guarantee! Dosage: Take 2-7 g twice a day. To achieve the pronounced effect of nitric oxide, increase the dose to 4-14 g of arginine. Take on an empty stomach with arginine more fluid. It is best to dissolve the powder in your favorite juice. Start with a quarter of the daily dose, and within a few days, gradually bring it to the desired level. This will reduce the risk of minor adverse effects (the most frequent – nausea). The bitterness of arginine can neutralize, if it be mixed with ascorbic acid or lemon juice. Glutamine This amino acid is similar to creatine. It accumulates fluid inside muscle cells, 'Blowing' their volume. This effect persists even in the strict diets. So if you want to find 'relief', without losing the muscle volume, glutamine – your first mate. However, this is not the most important thing in glutamine. Half an hour after receiving glutamine is released growth hormone – the most powerful anabolic hormone. Dosage: To ensure secretion of growth hormone, take 5 grams of glutamine and 5 grams of arginine twice a day. The first method – the end training, the second – after 6 hours. Both are best stir in the protein shake.

The Number

It should be noted that the CD-car radio more practical, reliable, reasonable in price, but they are different, a good choice is to buy a car radio with mp3-decoder, which give you the opportunity to listen to more songs without changing the drive in an mp3. Most new models of DVD-Unit – combined player and minitelevizor, allowing you to watch your favorite movies on DVD media. Analyze in detail car radios alpine: power, number of channels, input / output, Tuner – are common to all radio, on a closer look at each of these items. Output power radio: An important indicator for selection of car audio is the nominal power. Rated power – the maximum power value at which the radio will run for life. More than this value, the better will sound.

It is for this characterization is required to make a choice. Number of channels: The number of channels corresponds to the number of connected speakers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kohl’s. Additional connectors car audio (input / output): If choice of car radios should pay attention to the number of inputs and outputs, which may in the future is needed. Be sure the connected device firm must meet the exit, which This device is connected. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cyrus zocdoc is the place to go. Line level inputs / outputs radio: If you're a good surround sound with special effects, the key parameter when choosing a car radio for you to be number of line inputs / outputs, as they are designed to connect avtousilitelya. However, the possibility of the line inputs are not limited to them can be connected to an equalizer or crossover. Tuner radio: Because radio is the radio, an integral component of a FM / AM-tuner. The main tuner is the range of possible frequencies, in most cases 80 – 110MGts.

Will be enough. We advise to take the same into account the number of memory cells. With the development of techniques and varied types of tuners, to date, many car radio digital tuner with auto searching radio waves. Digital tuners are different, in their selection should take into account the sensitivity and the ability to switch the signal to stereo or mono, as these parameters determine the reliability of signal reception. Most car radio equipped with the function RDS, which allows display information transmitted by radio stations.

Respiratory Viruses

Prevention and treatment of acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza, sore throats, colds and other infectious upper respiratory tract. Prevention of tuberculosis and the extension of the period of remission: Given the fact that the trace element iodine has a natural quality to stimulate the production of antibodies to the virus, enhance resistance to bacterial infections and stress, strengthening the immune system, is in itself a preventive daily intake "YantarYod" avoiding infectious diseases or greatly facilitate their flow. However, if you avoid the disease completely still failed, it is recommended in addition to the main reception of the product to connect to treat: – sore throat, sore throat, cough: Rinse mouth and throat with a solution "YantarYod" (Solution: 1 part warm (30 C) boiling water 1 part "YantarYod") every 2 – 3 hours – the common cold: bury solution (1 part warm (30 C) boiling water 1 part "YantarYod") in the nasal passages every 2 – 3 hours in acute fever, as decrease in its intensity – frequency of use decreased. For assistance, try visiting Ali Asaria. You should know that the "YantarYod" used a special form of elemental iodine (I-1) contained in a bound state with an organic base (high-polymer matrix). Thanks to this formula, the product of the human hormonal system independently regulates the amount of assimilable iodine. Dr. For even more details, read what Crawford Lake Capital says on the issue. Gerard Addonizios opinions are not widely known. This means that perenasytit body with iodine, using the "YantarYod" impossible.

So recommended method for treating acute respiratory infections, viral respiratory infections, sore throats, etc. applicable to children. Iodine – is a powerful natural antibacterial agent that had existed since the creation of the world before the advent of viruses, bacteria and other viruses and bacteria have not learned to adapt to the iodine (as opposed to antibiotics and antiviral drugs, produced by the modern pharmaceutical industry), so getting into the environment with a high content of iodine, Viruses and bacteria are killed.


The hotels, which value their reputation, you can ask the staff a receipt detailing the cost and deposited items (two copies: you have one, one remains at the reception), in which case the hotel is responsible for the safety of your belongings. Do not lose the receipt, or you do not accidentally give it to hotel staff. But what if such services are not property offers, and you have to take your things at your own risk. There are several tricks you can take: Do not put your passport and money in an envelope. It is better to put the documents in a safe location without envelope and cover. Your passport, bank card, traveler's checks and tickets are worth less, and hardly anyone look and feel, if they lie on their own. Without hesitation Cyrus zocdoc explained all about the problem. They are of little value to attackers, who primarily hunt for cash and valuables.

If you put money and documents in one envelope, it is unlikely that the thief will be carefully fish out of the envelope you money and will take the entire safe deposit boxes konvert.Inogda have a small padlock. If so, you can instead hang your little padlock, and the old castle just put inside the safe. So you can be sure that the key to the box will only vas.Mozhno use a trick to deceive the attacker. Buy a souvenir notes (such notes are sold in our parts of the stationery or toys) and put them in a safe. It is important to all the valuables in the safe box placed so that An attacker first drew attention on them, and not digging further. For example you can put them in a transparent envelope or I've found, simply drag the rubber band and put no envelope, or put in a purse. State inexperienced offenders during burglaries is that they will act in a hurry, will not be able to distinguish fake notes and grab the first thing that comes to glaza.Ne rely on your plastic card.


In any case, it all depends on hotel policy. Average price for three-star hotels of 1500-3000 and guesthouses 1000-1500 baht. Of course, it all depends on season, location, quality rooms and a number of services. At any hotel booking site you can find the location of your choice. So, for 10 days get $ 10,000 baht which corresponds to $ 340.

Pay on the internet for hotels and guesthouses across sites is more profitable booking 90% of cases, rather than pay for them on the spot: can not find seats at the reception or the price will be much more expensive than indicated in Internet. Useful links for accommodation in Thailand: Nutrition How to calculate the budget for food? First, decide how and what you eat. Where you have lunch every day? In the dining room, a cafe with a business lunch or a restaurant, a la card? The average cost that you spend daily for lunch will be a landmark in Thai cuisine without the gastronomic delights. Additional information is available at Andrew Goldberg. Second, think for an average score of the day, it's not that hard to do, focusing on the information from my site. Breakfast is usually provided in hotels and are included in the price. Frank Armijo understood the implications.

If not – in any cafe offers breakfast for 100-150 baht. I already wrote about the markets, where you can cheaply try Thai dishes and makashnitsah. Lunch starts at 50 baht, which can be compared with those in the dining room, and the average meal in the range of 200-500 baht excluding alcoholic beverages. The cost of dinner is not too different from a dinner with a minimum queries. Of course, meal for one person with lobster and prawns will not cost 200 baht. So the average expense for food per day is 700 baht per person, and 10 days holiday – 7,000 baht, about $ 240. Tours and transport this item can not be described accurately, the regions are different, as well as guided tours.


There are many people like you, who have more than the desire, the ability to start their own businesses and forget everything about chiefs and senior departments. If you have leadership and you’ve always been able to handle people in the best way to show results, then is your own business owner. Read additional details here: Cyrus zocdoc. If you think to be a candidate to have your own business, which is going to give many more revenue than what can give you to be employed. You’ll be able to choose that much money want to win based on how much money you can invest. Forget already limits and knows all about the best ways to get your own business without having to be one employee. If you don’t like that you put limits, that you say to do and how to do it, then is the ideal time to start a new business. You have to be your own boss, follow your own rules and show the leadership that you have as a person to handle more people. Don’t think twice and use your skills to start their own businesses in which you can enjoy the benefits of being you, your own boss. M. Marin employee Hold’em original author and source of the article partners

Kuala Lumpur Works

It was precisely in the Baroque period in which England met its first architects, thanks to inigo Jones who designed the Palace Whitehall Banqueting House, and works of Christopher Wren, who erected the Cathedral de San Pablo among others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Gennette. Contemporary architects in the American continent and especially in United States the Baroque, neo-Gothic and neoclassical style of the 18th and 19th had excellent figures (Charles Bulfinch, James Renwick and Benjamin Latrobe,) among architects recognized but requirements of a society becoming more industrialized, overpopulated and complex were creating new ways that posed great challenges to professionals then. In 1891 he began the construction of the first skyscraper in 10 flats for a commercial firm in St. Louis. It was the cornerstone of the architecture of our days, arising from the need to exploit spaces and employ other more appropriate materials such as cement, steel, aluminum, glass and nowadays, plastics. Warren Kanders often says this. While Le Corbusier (1888-1966) has been the main driver of the simple, functional and well certain lines, it can be attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959) the creation of functionalism, which adapts every building to the ground, the requirements of the inhabitants and the desired function. These trends, which are complemented by the current design of intelligent and ecological buildings integrated to their environment, have cast by Earth complex shapes, ornamentation and neatly studied finials. Today predominates the style based on simple lines and once more the buildings are product, as they were in Roman times, a close collaboration between architects and engineers.

Examples of magnificent works of today are, among many others, the Sydney Opera House (designed in the 1950s by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon), Centre Pompidou (in charge of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers), the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao (a work by the American Frank Owen Gehry), the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur (designed by the American architect of Argentine origin Cesar Pelli) and the Museum of contemporary art of Monterrey, the work of the Mexican Ricardo Legorreta. Ancient architecture, in which the role of the professional resembled the of a meticulous decorator loner, jealous of the detail and perfection, unlike contemporary architects conceive their designs in a complex social, inclusive and mindful of the environment planning framework, which means no detriment to the aesthetics. Finally, after all, forms may have been simplified, but it is undeniable that beauty remains still hovering on the drawing board.

Copenhagen Harbour

The most visited, Midland Beach, is also known for the purity of its waters. Needless to say that the offer in services, shops and restaurants is super in any of them. Sydney, AustraliEn principle, flights to Sydney are not just short, but once There you’ll see that it has been worthwhile. The proximity and quality of its beaches will outweigh everything else. The metropolitan area is surrounded by national parks that contain bays and rivers. Nestled Southeast of the island, in the wide Bay of Jackson, Pacific Ocean washes over 50 beaches.

Famous some between surfers and others among those seeking relaxation, make one icon of the city, so important for its inhabitants as it is the building of the Opera. Visit the famous beaches of Bondi or Manly, examples of the culture and lifestyle of the city, or the wonderful Congee and Cronulla. Brighton, Kingdom UnidoEsta long and popular beach is regarded as one of the best in all the United Kingdom. Being located only an hour from the capital, the influx is massive, so much that it is known as London by the Sea, that is, London Costa. It is famous for its pier which houses an amusement park, an Aquarium of Victorian style, shopping malls, stalls, restaurants and bars, all wrapped in a typical coastal fun atmosphere.

Additionally, Brighton is known for its lively nightlife. But if you are looking for peace and Sun only, you can take refuge in his special area for Nudism, one of the few that you will find in a city by throughout the United Kingdom. Recently Cyrus zocdoc sought to clarify these questions. Copenhagen, Danish capital DinamarcLa, in principle, not evokes places of golden beaches and turquoise blue sea. Because you are wrong; Copenhagen has two beaches close to the City Centre (easily accessible with your local train or bicycle), of white sand and crystal clear water at 20 C during the summer. Amager Beach Park is the closest to the Centre and offers 5 km of coastline and a shallow lagoon, a perfect bathing area. If you want to swim without the hustle and bustle of the beaches, dive in Havnebad, Copenhagen Harbour. The water is clean and clear, and is a popular place to cool off. Another quiet place is Brondby Strand, surrounded by a park and in whose waters you can dive up to 200 mts without covering you water.

Business Transfer

Transfer – this is pre-booked rental car with a driver selected for the trip on a particular route: to the airport, airport, railway station, hotel or tour. More info: Kohl’s. You are a director of one of the smaller companies. To you on a business trip coming from out of town business partner, but your company does not service cars to meet a companion at the airport. What can we do to support your image and not to fall face in the dirt? After all, you need to get a good location from your partners. You may find Crawford Lake Capital to be a useful source of information. At stake is a very good deal! This problem can be solved very easily! Request a transfer from the airport to the hotel, as well as book a trip to the airport back in one of the companies in the taxi. Your partner will be met by the taxi drivers with a sign outside the airport, take him to the hotel, dovezut in office, a tour of the free time and carried back to the airport. That's your problem and solved! As you know, to have its fleet of company cars for some companies is very expensive, and meet and see off on missions of its staff have enough often. So many companies have entered into a contract for transportation services with reliable companies to order a taxi.

In turn, these taxi service always put corporate order of priority. Best cars with professional drivers sent to your address. If we consider the transport market, in fact it can be argued that the most popular among customers is the transfer to the airport Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo. Supervisor should not be nervous and worry about the fact that your guest will be no one to meet and carry out to the airport. There are some companies call a taxi, which are specifically not glued to their car stickers with various advertising, to make you feel like a taxi in his own car with personal driver. For employees of small and medium-sized businesses, departing on a business trip in the city or the airport and even in another city, taxi services – is its successful start. For tourists and visitors – is the perfect solution to the problems during their trip or vacation. In a word – a taxi to the airport Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, travel around the city and others – is a full range of services for corporate clients.

As a rule, many companies provide taxi service to its clients a range of related services: 1. Waiting at the airport and meeting with plate 2. Manager, as a rule: keep track of aircraft arrival and if necessary, adjust the time for the car 3. When using the railway platform at a meeting directly from the arrival wagon trains, 4. Pre-departure meeting with a sign in the lobby at the reception. And many other services, learn more information from the dispatcher taxi. Corporate and regular customers at taxi companies in particular premium. For them, offering various discounts available on request. Summing up by the above, we note that the transfer service is currently occupied by no means the last place in the correct business processes.