Online Business

Then mention some points that have helped me to start my business on the internet: 1. put the first LO first. You should treat your business online in a serious way. You set a daily schedule of work without distractions of phone, TV, email, email. This s very important, because if you only have two hours a day you should be more effective as possible. 2. ORGANIZATION FROM THE BEGINNING.

Creates a folder in your desktop this folder will contain all the information that you recopiles your project. 3. make a plan and take action .This is a vital point. Ask yourself by that are you doing this? Example: To help expand the current company to make a little extra money to leave current job, change of life, i.e. to build you own business only? for fun Other which? Ask yourself: what is your main reason for starting your online business. Do you want to achieve? Whats your goal? GET a MINDLESSLY how much you need to live while booting your? business? Do as you’re going to generate revenue? Of the direct sale of products or services over the Internet. The generation of income through ads or commercials. The marketing of affiliates how VAS has generate? A 1 month earn enough as to pay bills 3 months earn USD 1000 per month 6 months that earns US $3000 per month 1 year who wins US $5800 per month (1-Su target year) once you have your first goal accomplished, then focus on the second and then the third. Begins with a goal, write it down, put it in a visible place and get daily tasks that bring you closer to that goal.