When they only lacked a little more two weeks for the birth of the baby, it said to me what had been the true intention of its presence, indicating to me that it wished to instill itself in the creature who was to be born, since it had been him pending to realise a last experience in the material world. That one did not finish it assimilating, leaving me in a state of great preoccupation, until the day previous to the lighting, where it appeared for the last time saying to me to me: ” The moment has already arrived. I know brave and all bien” will go to us;. On the following day a girl was born, whose physical similarity with my spiritual companion was amazing, at the same time as it did not own any similarity with the relatives of the families of his ancestors, and thus when seeing it, said all: “

But it does not seem new born! ” Years later, my surprise was capital when in a very old book I could read the biography of the woman whose name and biographical data agreed with which my friend and faithful spiritual companion, gave me like his. In spite of it, I did not make any commentary to anybody, since it feared reason why people would judge on a woman like I, devoid of experience. When my daughter had turned the 15 years of age, I decided to pronounce for the first time in its presence the name of my spiritual friend, becoming quickly did me, at the same time as she asked: ” Mother, sometimes had called me papa by that name? ” My answer was: ” Nondaughter; neither your father nor I have never called you as”. Then it added: ” Then I am sure that somebody, or sometimes, has called me as”. I must add that the character of my daughter is peculiarly similar to the character of the woman whose biography I read in that one old book, and that my spiritual friend it said that it would be instilled in new criatura”.