The first known pidgins and frank are the language of Western lift medieval and barbarous coast, which were based in Italy, mainly. The American Indians who were found by the British in the seventeenth century were a tribe known as the requested near the mouth of the Orinoco, the language that was reduced was called Pidgin Espanol = (Pidie). Later other varieties of ‘Pidgin Espanol’ grew in China as a result of British business contacts, and in Africa in connection with the activities of the slave trade (some authors derive the word pidgin of a variation of the English word business business’). The establishment of plantation economies in the Caribbean areas, with large groups of slaves from different language backgrounds in West Africa, brought a large number of pidgins based on English language in French and Portuguese.

Many have survived as Creoles: Gullah on the Sea Islands of South Carolina. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from emil michael. The English of blacks from the Antilles, and Suriname Sranantongo, all based on English. The French-based pidgin of the zone of Louisiana, Haiti and the Lesser Antilles. In the area of Papiamento of Curacao, is a departure from pidgin Spanish and Portuguese. The first contacts between the conquerors and the natives took to the formation of pidgin languages in Australia and New Zealand, while the Pidgin Espanol de los Mares del Sur grew up in the field of whaling, trade and labor recruitment native. The Pidgin Espanol is extinct in New Zealand and the Caroline Islands and is dying in Australia, but still flourishes in Melanesia and reached Hawaii.