Barcelona returned to the prepared track to continue its recital dnsivo supported in the ctividad in attack of Perovic, eight points, to destroy the local painting. A 12-3 partisan allowed the Bara to arrive at the ten of advantage (31-41), before a Labor Box that appealed like unique argument to the heart of San Emeterio and his nine points. Those of Paschal began the definitive act with seven points of advantage (46-53), before a Labor Box that was entrusted to individual actions of Ribas, Kitchen gardens or Teletovic to plug its deficiencies and limitations. One of those impulses took to him only to be placed to three points (59-62) to less than two minutes. This campaign was the last act of faith of the Labor Box because two free shots of Blonde and one basket of Navarrese choked CONATO of overcome to certify the ticket to the end of the ACB by fifth consecutive season. List of credits 61. Labor box (16+15+15+15): Kitchen gardens (8), Oleson (0), San Emeterio (14), Teletovic (9), Barac (8) – five Ribas initial (10), Palace (3), Batiste (4), Logan (3) and Dragicevic (2).

71. Regal Barcelona (20+15+17+18): Sada (0), Navarrese (13), Anderson (12), Lorbek (9), Perovic (10) – five initial, Blonde (7), Grimau (2), Vzquez (7), Lakovic (3), Morris (0) and N' Dong (8). Referees: Arteaga, Bulk, Peruga. Eliminated Barac (M. 37). Incidences: Third party of semifinals ACB disputed before 9,500 spectators in Buesa Sand of Vitoria. The Regal Barcelona overcomes series 3-0 and obtains happens to the end of Liga ACB. Source of the news: The Bara ends the Labor Box and will play the end of the ACB