The experience without no Biblical test would be accurate reason for confirmation of a religious dogma? He would only satisfy it tests extracted of the proper Bible, the people this so become attached the tradition that already does not import yourself if to such he passes or not in a exegtico examination, it is added this the fear inlaid in educations, ‘ ‘ he looks at the devorador, he looks at locusta, care with the plagues, its car he goes to pierce the tire, he goes to beat, you go to be sick and to spend much more ‘ ‘ , and he goes there for the rejection, and when something sort happens it, (therefore in this world always we will have afflictions and we are passive of these things) then one concludes that it was really the vaticinada plague. In summary, I ask for and accepted to any rebuke the light of the Bible, but it are of it, does not convince, Jesus left the example, when it was collated by the demon answered in all the attacks with ‘ ‘ he is escrito’ ‘. For more information see Jeff Gennette. The INTOLERNCIA Martinho Lutero was accused with ‘ ‘ to stir up revoluo’ ‘ , giving ‘ ‘ gentinha’ ‘ (according to its acudadores) conscience of its prodigious dignity before God. How could it repel the accusation? It fought a profitable artifice of the time that was the payment of indulgences that had if intensified for the expenses with the construction of the basilica of They are Peter, what for them it was the proper will of God, and for this Lutero was if placing as a demon fighting the workmanship of Deus.O Evangelho as he learned of Pablo, confirms final. Here, crowne plaza rosemont expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Our communion with Christ if firm in the legitimate participation of the Ceia Saint, or who does not decimate cannot also participate of the supper.