Manufacturing jobs in shops by the shop specifications drawn up simultaneously over the entire set of workshops on the craft of specifications applicability of details that show how many parts of each item comes on a given host machine. With a program of registration machines and parts and shop specifications, calculate the need for each type of units and details on shops and businesses in general. At the same time plans for shops adjusted for filling up backlog of regulatory value. Develop plans for the workshops is accompanied by calculations of load and capacity of equipment. In enterprises of mass production development shop nomenclature and schedules carried out on the computer. Nomenklaturpo-schedules include: the code or index components and the number of parts on the car for a variety of modifications, the code shop, a consumer who shall be made part; cipher provider or semifinished blanks, the amount of detail on the production of machines, spare parts, to the side, the normative and the actual value of interdepartmental touched on details, the total number of surrender. Rob Daley may not feel the same. In this case, each workshop established three plans: receipt, is made in the context of shops suppliers; producer, is composed of parts of the manufacturing plant; surrender shall be made in the context of the consumer shops.