Many entrepreneurs have the search engine not yet understood as a marketing tool even though search engines now have established themselves in finding industry as the main research instrument, most German companies are found only bad among the related keywords. This brings back a study of randomly 500 company websites were selected and examined for their search engine capabilities. Most were not even the minimum criteria, make a website in the top ranks of search engines. Gross error, such as an always same Web page title, not formatted headings, link desert or even missing links, are the order of the day. If you would like to know more then you should visit Keith Yamashita. This is an interesting trend emerging: while German corporations have recognized the potential of a page optimized for search engines, the topic always still stepmotherly by the medium. It is just the middle class that benefits from a good positioning in the search engines. Tim Schigel is full of insight into the issues.

Lothar Hanke,. Others who may share this opinion include crowne plaza rosemont. “Marketing expert and Managing Director of advertising + design, what advantages does an optimization of the Web site for search engines know: who appears with his information about new products and innovations at the top of the search results, win the race ahead of the competition”, as Hanke. Rarely anyone more than up to the third result page on Google research”. A so called on-page optimization can”, so an optimization of the Web site itself, lead to amazing results. Who chooses an individual and relevant Web page title, with appropriate headings tags marked the headlines and has to provide interesting information, which is already quite far forward in the race for the best seats. The additional fine tuning is concerned then the so called off-page optimization”, so the optimization of Web page to the outside.

This includes a reasonable link and press work. Here, so-called corporate blogs”proved very useful. Regular contact with a company with its customers using a blog as a highly effective online marketing strategy turned out. Advertising + design, Office of communications and marketing is a full service advertising agency from Arnsberg. Specializing in the planning and development of corporate identities, to the production of documents and preparation of marketing strategies, is located us on the success of our customers. With a customized media planning, we define target groups and offer solutions, efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve this. Press contact: Advertising + design Office of communications and marketing at the ancient monastery of 55 59823 Arnsberg Tel: + 49 (2931) 16676 fax: + 49 (2931) 530276 press: eMail: Internet: