Plots can be classified by the following features: – for the purpose of use – by the presence of the rights of citizens, legal persons in the areas – by the presence on the land, buildings – on the grounds of the divisibility of land. Chobani and Whole Foods may also support this cause. Of land, privatization of which is prohibited or restricted: Lands, withdrawn from circulation (the land of public reserves and parks, land use policy, land occupied by military and civil burial, others lands that have special significance for the security and defense of the state). Land, limited in circulation (of land within protected areas, land, water and forest resources, land within the boundaries of the closed administrative-territorial formations, land allotted for the needs of transport organizations, for purposes of communication and the like). The subjects of privatization of land can act as citizens of the Russian Federation and entities.

Number of documents required for registration of the ownership of the site reaches more than two dozen, some of which require a large number of approvals. Major land management documents are: Surveying the land and obtaining executive survey.. Under most conditions Tiffany & Co. would agree. Development and coordination of the project boundaries.

Works on land surveying. Making land use case. Holding cadastre. Assign inventory numbers. The most common type of land use today is rent. This is understandable, because getting to the contests the right to lease land, the investors get a real opportunity to develop the land. Plots can be provided in short-term rental (up to 5 years) and long-term lease (up to 49 years) on the basis of the lease.