Kuala Lumpur Works

It was precisely in the Baroque period in which England met its first architects, thanks to inigo Jones who designed the Palace Whitehall Banqueting House, and works of Christopher Wren, who erected the Cathedral de San Pablo among others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Gennette. Contemporary architects in the American continent and especially in United States the Baroque, neo-Gothic and neoclassical style of the 18th and 19th had excellent figures (Charles Bulfinch, James Renwick and Benjamin Latrobe,) among architects recognized but requirements of a society becoming more industrialized, overpopulated and complex were creating new ways that posed great challenges to professionals then. In 1891 he began the construction of the first skyscraper in 10 flats for a commercial firm in St. Louis. It was the cornerstone of the architecture of our days, arising from the need to exploit spaces and employ other more appropriate materials such as cement, steel, aluminum, glass and nowadays, plastics. Warren Kanders often says this. While Le Corbusier (1888-1966) has been the main driver of the simple, functional and well certain lines, it can be attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959) the creation of functionalism, which adapts every building to the ground, the requirements of the inhabitants and the desired function. These trends, which are complemented by the current design of intelligent and ecological buildings integrated to their environment, have cast by Earth complex shapes, ornamentation and neatly studied finials. Today predominates the style based on simple lines and once more the buildings are product, as they were in Roman times, a close collaboration between architects and engineers.

Examples of magnificent works of today are, among many others, the Sydney Opera House (designed in the 1950s by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon), Centre Pompidou (in charge of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers), the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao (a work by the American Frank Owen Gehry), the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur (designed by the American architect of Argentine origin Cesar Pelli) and the Museum of contemporary art of Monterrey, the work of the Mexican Ricardo Legorreta. Ancient architecture, in which the role of the professional resembled the of a meticulous decorator loner, jealous of the detail and perfection, unlike contemporary architects conceive their designs in a complex social, inclusive and mindful of the environment planning framework, which means no detriment to the aesthetics. Finally, after all, forms may have been simplified, but it is undeniable that beauty remains still hovering on the drawing board.