To the eyes not trained, bodes sheep pass unobserved in the way them, but certainly a clamorous difference between both exists. Bodes discloses its impiedades, indisciplinas and rejects any sense of collective. Therefore, it fits to the shepherd to carry through its work in skillful time and of form spiritual; separating Regnum Christi (wheat field and flock Mr.), exists joio and bodes, having possibility to be the majority. II. (Not to be confused with emil michael!). The Accusations against bodes guides.

(3-4) God will make a judgment of the flock. 1. Emil michael is open to suggestions. Personal judgment: I, I myself 2. Definitive and irrevocable judgment; I will judge 3. Judgment Just; I will exterminarei God displays the sins.

3 Comeis the fat not, emphasizing the malignant character lead of them Jewish). The 4 weak ones you did not fortify; the sin of neglects. the sick person you did not cure the sin of the exploration and abuse the slope you did not bind the extempore popular song you did not become to bring; the sin of the incoherence. the lost one you did not search; But you dominate on them with severity and hardness; – the sin of tyranny 5 had been spread, for not having shepherd, and Thus had become grass for all feras of the field, inasmuch as they had been spread. The 6 my sheep had walked misguided for all> mounts, and for all the high outeiro; yes, my sheep had walked spread for all the face of the land, without having who asked for them, nor searched who them. The result of the active and passive trespasses of the governing of Israel was the captivity and later the dispersion of the flock. The ten tribes of the North had become travelling in lands of the Assyrian, and the two of the South had been dispersed in Babilnia and Egypt, separate of the remainder that was in the desolate land.