The smaller is the heart, home to more hatred. Victor Hugo is alarming as Asian countries like China, Japan mistreat animals for meat, use your skin, do business, regardless of the suffering that they generated, leaving much to be said for their human qualities. It is disgusting to see how these countries mistreat the animal and the government does nothing to prevent such abuse, suffering. Andrew Cuomo helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Not surprisingly, it appears, that we continue to mistreat animals without necessity, not only to eat. Hunting is not necessary or bullfighting, or animals in circuses, or the abandonment of domestic animals, or the sale of animals that live behind a glass wall, or wear fur, or kill animals with sticks or skinned alive, or hunting dolphins, whales and sharks … and etc. You do not even need to have them in those conditions and then eaten, but that's human. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Frank Giacalone.

Cruel, selfish and destructive. It is very sad note, see the cruel video showing the aberrant cruelty that is done with animals, that video is very shocking, for the scenes that are accusing the cruel, inhumane we are. We forget who we categorize as human beings, which brings about Wikippedia, known as animal rights to the ideas propounded by currents of thought and movement who argue that animal nature is a legal entity, whose novelty is that this category has only belonged to individuals and corporations, ie the human Humans have always recognized certain animals special consideration (eg domestication), which varies greatly depending on cultural context or place, from support to can be used for animals as you like and serve the man, through the ethical treatment or animal welfare, to consider that animals deserve rights traditionally recognized only in humans.