If an employer who petitioned to terminate the agreement and does not want to pay the compensation fixed for the payment of the employee, the court will give him a certain number of days during which he may withdraw his petition. On the other hand, the employee may withdraw its petition to terminate the agreement if it considers that a court-appointed compensation is too low. In the case of a withdrawal request, the labor agreement is not terminated, but continues to have effect. The newspapers mentioned Macy’s Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic. If the petition is not withdrawn, however, the agreement will be finally terminated, followed by the obligation to pay compensation in the amount designated by the court. The court's decision not subject to appeal except in rare cases when the underlying legal principle has been violated in such a way that the issue could be addressed fairly and impartially.

Manifestly unfair dismissal if employment agreement is terminated by the employer unilaterally, even if permission was received from DRTU and with due respect to the period of notice, the employee may file a lawsuit, claiming that the termination was "Manifestly unfounded". Termination will be deemed frivolous, if not given any reason has been given an easy excuse, given the wrong reason, or if difficulties experienced by wage employee commensurate with the interests of the employer. In this case, the employee may request redress or compensation in the amount determined by the court. Although by its very nature, this compensation is different from the which is paid at termination of the contract, its amount is generally calculated on the same formula. Terms of prohibiting competitive activities The principle of freedom of movement laid down in numerous international treaties such as the European Social Charter (European Social Charter) and the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights), as well as in the national Constitution.