In these dreams can be seen deep or symbolic reasons is happening in life dreamer. For example, if the dreamer meets a stranger, which feels a close kinship and long-time acquaintance, he may "order" and a dream see the history of a previous relationship. Alternatively, another similar dreams, when people with any significant problems or fears, can not be explained in terms of their life experience, can understand their reason for having gone through the situation in the dream, what is happening in a different era in the body of another person. For example, one girl in the process of working with experienced panic fear of water between psychotherapy sessions a dream in which she saw herself a peasant. Its drowned man, standing at roughly vystrogannoy boat.

In a dream client clearly understand what is happening to treat XVIII or XIX century. After she said she realized the root causes of what she interfered to build long-term relationships with men, who she and destroyed. And in no way due to fear of drowning in the water began to decrease gradually. Such analogies can be found in almost most of these dreams reincarnation. It is possible that for such work in the early stages of learning can help ponabitsya specialist or an experienced dreamer. Lucid dreaming. This is a special type of dream, in which a man becomes not a passive observer what is happening, and the director or a magician who can take over control of the plot. Many such dreams are dreamed of in childhood, but, growing up and losing the agreement with them, and people lose this ability.