In not so ancient times, hunting was fun for a very noble persons. For other people who were engaged in hunting, it was a way to extract the meat and furs. Furs, later, exchanged for clothing, traps, gunpowder and other utensils. In Siberia hunting doing almost everything, from small to large. While a person could hold a gun and steer the boat, he hunted. Furs have it, and lived. In Soviet times the value of furs, in comparison with the average salary was is sufficiently large.

For example, the cost of muskrat pelts, on average – 2-2,5 ruble, the average salary of 120 rubles. Currently, a muskrat give 60-80 rubles, with an average salary of 12,000 rubles. In the first case it is 2.5 – 3% of salary for the skins, in second – 0,25% to make conclusions myself. If we draw a similar analogy in the growth of the cost of permits, licenses and inventory of the hunter, all this increased spending hunter a few times. In conjunction with the depreciation of the fur hunter Promyslovik not only can not make a profit, but loses.

Here's what he said recently, my classmate, hunters of Kalmykia: I used to leave Shusherov (muskrat) caught, but last season was not. 'He hung the traps on a nail. " Of course, this situation leads to a decrease in the number of honest hunters and an increase in poaching cases. But everyone chooses himself. Of poaching we will discuss in future articles. And yet, remain loyal his cause hunters, in their footsteps are their children and grandchildren. I believe that with the right approach, any fish can be made profitable, and good hunting. For those who want to succeed in hunting and fishing, you are welcome, this site for you. I will share my observations of animal behavior, the experience of production of furs, her dressing and further processing.