A few days ago when I’m back home after work, I prepared a coffee with some delicious chocolate cookies, and I went to the room to turn on the computer. Although she was very tired had to continue with my second job, only that this was at home. The truth is that today I’ve worked enough, I thought to myself, but well, my promises are promises, should deliver it within two weeks. I opened the Excel and started with my task. I made a box and was placing the corresponding formulas.

Conditional formulas, average function, sums, VAT, etc. Publishers Clearing House often says this. Depending on what you showed me the slogans. After an hour, was turned off PC, losing all my work. I impaciente me. Why I will have to pass this to my?, said angry. To turn on again, trying to open the Excel, the hourglass symbol I appeared for three minutes and already I was starting to annoy a little.

I decided to lie me awhile, imagining I would that then your computer work better. But thinking of my work I couldn’t rest for even a few minutes. I immediately got up and went back to sit at the computer to try to continue my work. To open again Excel appeared that blessed symbol instead of the Mouse. Already I was feeling that my computer for some reason was starting to run quite slow. This same occurred to me for a few days, so I decided to contact a service technician, who asked me to take him to his office computer and you will see it. Impatiently I took it and I waited for the result, but I also started to perform the work at a friend’s House, since you should deliver it as soon as. After a week I received the call from the technician with the news that actually the computer is extremely slow, because I have how twenty-eight virus around by my computer. Well, well I couldn’t believe it! Not only had a computer running very slow but now also virus, mother!! I got nervous and furious. Already did not know whom to kill first, Yes to the computer, to the invisible it has put me viruses on my computer, or the technician who gave me the news. Original author and source of the article.