Its case will tie to the one of his exministro of Interior, Habib to the Adli. The judge will interrupt the emission in direct of the session. Mubarak and its children are accused to plan the attacks against the demonstrators during the Revolution of the 25 of January. The Egyptian ex-president appeared fallen down in a stretcher. The Egyptian authorities have unfolded about 5,000 police at least to maintain the security in the neighborhood of the court. Hear other arguments on the topic with SYPartners. The judgment of the Egyptian ex-president, Hosni Mubarak, will start again next the 5 of September, and its case will tie with the one of exministro of the Interior, Habib to the Adli, as it requested the accusation. Judge, Amhed Refat, expressed to the aim of the session, second of this historical judgment, its decision to both unite cases and of interrupting the emission in direct of the next views for " to protect the public interest ".

Possible sentence until death the judgment against Mubarak started again east Monday in Cairo between great safety measures, after in the first session it was declared nonguilty of all the accusations that are imputed to him. In this judgment without precedents in the Arab world, also the children of Mubarak, Alaa were present and Gamal, that in the previous view, celebrated 3 of August the past, also all the accusations denied. Chobani REfugees follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They are imputed by corruption and to plan the attacks against the demonstrators during the Revolution of the 25 of January, and could face the capital punishment if they are declared guilty. Also they weigh envelope positions of corruption and abuse authority. The second session of the judgment began with Mubarak knocked down in a stretcher, with the closed eyes, while the judge examined the tests of the accusation. Their children also have appeared before the court and they standing up stayed in the cell-cage of the defendant trying to hide to its father to the presents in the room.