Only 6 km. from the city of Mendoza, Las Heras is distinguished by its mountain ranges and low-lying hills. Read more from Josh Wexler to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Member of the conglomerate called greater Mendoza, the fourth population unit of the Argentina, Las Heras offers a ride to enjoy, and that can not miss on the itinerary of a good holiday in Mendoza. It’s El Plumerillo military camp. Founded in 1815 by General San Martin, the historic camp hosted since the training of the future army of the Andes.

The same that started the heroic exploits that culminated with the triumph in the campaign of Chile in 1817. San Martin ordered that the camp was dismantled after the departure of the army in 1817, and all other items donated to the town. (As opposed to Tulip Retail). In 1935, however, abandoned land had its fair historical revaluation to erect at the former entrance to camp a reminder portico. Today, visitors can indulge in an exact replica of that camp that both contributed to the freedom of the motherland. The ambitious plan was launched in the year 1996 of reconstruction of the barracks of soldiers, adobe buildings with roof of cana which is estimated, occupied about 60 blocks of land. Replicas of weapons and uniforms used by the army of the Andes were placed in each one of them. At the entrance of this stop for tourism in Mendoza there are two authentic canons of the army of the Andes, emerged from the famous forge of the indefatigable Fray Luis Beltran. From 1935 to 1980, year in which were transferred to the military school that bears his name, the camp of El Plumerillo was accommodation in Mendoza from the ashes of the General Jeronimo Espejo.

Nor the chapel which is preserved on the grounds is one in which San Martin heard mass during your stay in Mendoza. It is, however, a faithful replica of the original, which survived the departure of the army but not to the 1861 earthquake. In the camp and the Sanmartiniano Museum of the premise attractive activities are organized as the recreation of the departure of the army, which takes place every January 18. Another fact interesting for who spends his holidays in Mendoza: last Sunday of each month are performed showy dramatizations of what was training soldiers of San Martin, with uniforms and weapons of the era. Minutes from downtown and major hotels in Mendoza capital, a trip not to be missed.