High Advertising

In our technological age the usual banners and structures on which they are attached, may seem out of date. Surprisingly, the contrary, they appeared in the advertising industry not so long ago and now experiencing a real boom. The first mobile stands appeared about 25 years ago, although the banners or any other "large" posters, placards or pictures are used for a long time, they were glued and then tied for the grommets, but in any case, expensive to use a picture can be 1-2 times. Along with the mobile exhibition stands and developed printing industry. Nowadays, mobile stands continues to evolve constructively, and their area of applications are constantly expanding. Over the short history of mobile advertising equipment formed the existing saychas current models.

Mobile stands – is a versatile set of lightweight structures for field (Advertising) measures the distinctive advantage is the possibility of quick assembly. Mobile stands are easy to use and, thanks to modern technology, has attracted attention due to the use of bright and rich graphic panels. And you already have a mobile booth? You already are using these great promotional and exhibition designs for marketing activities? Or are you just now thinking over the necessity for the acquisition of modern advertising equipment? To get started immediately decide for yourself, why do we need a mobile booth: – improve the image of the company – to help sell more our products – to provide our customers with a wide range of services – to help properly convey information to consumers can achieve these goals, for example, by participating in this type of marketing activities such as: – Fair (Local, regional and international) – Promo-, PR-actions and presentations – Field sales representatives demonstrate – Conferences, congresses and Economic Forums – Lectures and miniseminary – Event – High competition events requires all companies to be more active promotion. Promotions have become commonplace for many producers. Promotions can be divided into two types: – with manager demonstrator, when the mobile stand, accompanied by his presentation – without the involvement of promoter-demonstrator, when graphic panels, placed on a mobile stand, and other promotional materials are self-sufficient role. On these important marketing activities, the following advantages of mobile stands: – Mobile Stands attract maximum attention, taking up little space – you're not tied to a particular place and you can place your mobile exhibit exactly where is your target audience – in front, in cash, on the contrary showcases the goods – the advertising budget savings associated with repetitive use of advertising equipment – mobile stands may be used as a self-sufficient element of advertising, or as an element accompanying speech demonstrator – mobile stand creates a positive image for your company spite of all the knowledge you always want to see for himself. Come and feel good with his hands.

Especially great desire to see all the products in one place, hear the opinion of an impartial expert. In case of purchase of advertising or exhibition equipment, we also are entitled to a place where all the manufacturers Mobile booths – a kind of exhibition of mobile stands. And also on the staff of professional consultants, who are always happy to provide comprehensive information on any manufacturer. We are waiting for you at our office and demozale at: Kosmodamianskaya nab., 4