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IntegrationMan, a solution of the HONICO group, forms the new SAP integrated and certified interface for product. Hamburg, July 7, 2010 ERP – or CRM-system, now the complete E-commerce solution users benefit plentyMarkets from this cooperation. This new integration of SAP applications with plentyMarkets harmonize all SAP. We very pleased the cooperation with plentySystems”, so e-business GmbH. we have Emil Hadner, Managing Director of the Honico won, which differs a new partner in its online shop solution from other providers.

“The product plentyMarkets is flexibly adaptable and maps also versatile and interesting processes that often jobless in SAP only at a high cost for E-commerce.” IntegrationMan offers real-time data synchronization and communication of the two systems. In addition to catalog and product data, customer data, orders and status information are synchronized. The connection works both via standard interfaces and customized SAP processes. HONICO offers also the possibility to take SAP nonSAP integration in the form of integration-as-a-service claim with IntegrationMan 2. The offer is the trend of the fast-growing software-as-a-service market and the business-to-business integration-outsourcing. Click Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc to learn more. “” Also plentySystems is with the possibility of integrating SAP current market demands: more and more medium-sized and large companies were asking us to their SAP systems to support “, says Jan Griesel, Managing Director of plentySystems GmbH. with HONICO we have found exactly the right partner and meet the growing needs of our customers.” The HONICO group: The HONICO Group specializes in the development and the distribution of intelligent system management products in the area of SAP.

With hundreds of installations around the world it is a competent partner in the areas of process automation, SAP license management, SAP-nonSAP integration and service desk. With the SAP integrated system management products a portfolio has been developed, the peer to peer looking for: easy installation, quick familiarization of the user, investment security and a faster return on investment are the most important cornerstones of the HONICO Group’s philosophy. The Group of companies with offices in Hamburg and Zurich still maintains a development centre in Bautzen. Companies such as Metro, Beiersdorf, Zeiss, Bosch, Procter & gamble, Clariant, HP and many others belong to the customer the HONICO group and speak for the quality of the products. about plentySystems: plentySystems, a leading software company in the area of E-Commerce, developed the shop system plentyMarkets, a high-performance, Web-based solution for smooth online trading. plentySystems online trading with user-friendly systems aims simply, fast and effective. The complete e-commerce system plentyMarkets is an in-house development and shop, inventory control and warehouse management functions it contains and webshop, domain, hosting, design, service and consulting. With product dealers automate your entire E-business and manage it in real time, no matter if Web shop (B2B & B2C), multi-channel sales, sales processing, content management, payment, billing, inventory management, after sales management, fulfillment or returns management. Thanks to the powerful software core plentySystems programmers create easily new modules and connections. 35 employees deal with the progress of the system and the customer service. Currently trust over 1,500 users on product and goods set at 510,000 monthly orders worth 37,71 million through the innovative solution to.