Gregory Garcia

A few months ago I acted Rapporteur of a feasibility study for open mall. The partners of the consulting company that I hired they knew my career for years and work was interesting. The run-up without any problems (except for the final phase that I caught in Granada and had difficulty in reconciling the diaries). It came the day of the Conference. Everything seemed to go swimmingly. The organizer and Protocol fully operational equipment. Senior representatives of the local, provincial, and regional public administration not failed, Ditto with representatives of business, Trade Union and social organizations.

The capacity of the room to batter. But there was something that was affecting me without noticing me. The place where took place the event and the topic of which was the paper brought me memories of an era in which I dtabernacle in that area, of relatives who had lived there and their history itself. It comes a time that I have to start the Conference and see my dear brother entering the room. It was like an emotion that I moved from coup to that stage where you could hardly articulate word in public. It can be that the most of the attendees not detected my inner Calvary (an upstart, call me), but those who know me asked me later what Manolo has happened you? In a matter of seconds I had to overcome me of that pescozon who occasionally gives the destination. See my beloved older brother there was the straw that broke my camel’s emotions, licking my eyes, pressed my throat and cracked my firmness and tenacity with evocations of the past. I hope, Joseph, having been at the professional level you deserve.

Thank you for the opportunity. For Lina Sotis, language is the first thing through which you can guess with enough security is like a person. Speak well in public can ensure good grades in school, make their way in life, good jobs, occupy places honorifics and, in short, a necessary condition in the staircase of the continuous triumph. I agree with Gregory Garcia teacher in that the most important public speaking technique is to be oneself and not imitate or try to be another. Also listening with attention is necessary, and by course, put in the place of the other, having a small mental script and be serene.