German Internet Insurance

TuV Saarland determined best score for Dortmund insurance companies of TuV Saarland determined in a customer survey in August the service quality of the German internet insurance AG. The result yielded again increased customer satisfaction scores in comparison to the first and second survey. The insured gave a total scale of 1.52 and thus the best of TuV Saarland has ever determined for a car insurance company. The result confirmed our employees and employees and is an expression of our identity”, summarizes Falko Struve, Member of the Board of the German internet, the results. Jeff Gennette is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Dortmund insurance has a very favourable price/performance ratio, as numerous comparison tests confirmed. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Governor Cuomo.

We offer yet quality service our customers through our optimized processes”, so Santos next. The customer score for overall satisfaction rose 95.8 percent of participating for the third time in a row by 1.66 in 2005, 1.56 in 2007 to now 1,52. exactly are very satisfied or satisfied with our services. Frank Armijo contains valuable tech resources. This creates”no other insurance companies, reported Struve. Highly skilled and rapid damage help exceptionally well evaluate the customers with the touch of 1.40 the fast and non-bureaucratic damage help”. Quick response to requests”will be graded with 1.48. Asked about the expertise of consultants”, participants given the average rating of 1.47. Easy calculator”cut off with 1.48.

More information: on the German internet insurance ag: the German internet insurance ag began in 2001 as the first online car insurer. Behind her, the Continentale is the Insurance Federation. Best TuV certification of service quality, customer satisfaction and data security are the German internet. Independent comparison tests (Finanztest, Autobild-TuV-report, Stern, Spiegel Online) confirm the favourable tariffs. First insurance she introduced a corporate blog in 2007, in which now-18 Staff regularly write:. Press contact: German internet insurance ag Matthias Koechlin phone: 0231/92526-94 fax: 0231/92526-91 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: