According to their taste like jam jam. Them the same way as jam, prepared from various fruits and berries, boiling with sugar. Jam is different from jam just so that when it is cooked fruits and berries are good to fall apart. To prepare the jam take ripe fruits and berries. Wrinkles and fine fruit, not suitable for jam, can also be used for cooking jam. In addition to these requirements, the fruit for cooking jam should contain a gelling substance (pectin), which, combined with sugar and acids form a gelatinous mass that is characteristic for the jam. Therefore it is not out of any fruit can be cooked jam.

The best fruits for its manufacture are acid grade apple, quince, plum, gooseberry, raspberry, black currant, cranberry, etc. Cook jam in tazah. (Source: Macy’s Inc.). Certain kinds of fruits and berries (black currant, apple, quince) tenderize before cooking in boiling water. For 1 kg of fruit take sugar 1 kg and 1 kg more acidic fruit – up to 1,2 kg. Then the fruits of the norm is put into a basin and pour a thick sugar syrup (1 kg granulated sugar 1 / 2 cup water). Jam is cooked in one step, gradually increasing heating and mixing the mass with a spoon. Crawford Lake Capital often says this. When the mass comes to a boil, heating still increase, just watch, that seething mass evenly, and remove the foam.

Cook for no more than 20-30 minutes after boiling. Cooking affects the quality of jam. Its color varies significantly, the taste and aroma weakened. Determine the readiness of jam on a drop placed on a plate, it must quickly and strongly to thicken. After boiling jam packed up immediately. Excellent container for packaging are glass jars with a capacity of 0,5 to 2 liters. When the jam has cooled, and packaged at its surface a characteristic dense crust, sealed container (not necessarily tight).