Of the dignity network Foundation will continue this year developing social plans for the benefit of the most deprived classes in the country and with the collaboration of public and private institutions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Governor Cuomo by clicking through. The President of the Foundation, engineer Mario Holguin offered information during a lunch organized by the entity to some 250 low-income families residing on the banks of the Ozama.La River activity took place in the wallets Club located in the East of the Holy Domingo.El engineer Holguin province argued that activities will be scheduled from this month of Januaryunderstanding medical clinics; planting trees and recovery of the basin of the Ozama, considered the fourth most important river of our country, but of higher pollution due to waste discharges into waters. The owner of the Foundation said that they will promote educational programs in preservation of the environment; as well as distribution of food; free legal support to people with legal problems; program sustainable against Dengue that includes fumigation; among other plans.Neighborhoods Los Guandules, Gualey, and La Cienega, considered depressed society, by poverty levels that show great social inequality in that living men and women of the national territory, we also consider them an ideal space to take breath running activities for the benefit of the majority through concentrated effort FundReD – community – works Sector private sector indicated the engineer Holguin.. .