I do not ask for it takes off that them of the world, and yes you keep that them of mal' ' (Joo 17:12 /15). The man searchs ways who brings it happinesses. This fantastic word can be translated of some forms, thus depending on the dreams of each person. But, I find to be happy that one that chooses the love as main goal of its life, because the love is an inexhaustible source because it is proceeding from the proper God. People search success, power and scientific knowledge. I say to them that if she will not be for the will of God who people receive such things, none of them will be able, in proper effort, to obrar them, because the proper word of God teaches in them that everything was created by God and for it the things are all. Soon, the useful end of the search of the scientific knowledge, for example, by a physicist, either the huge accomplishment of something of God for the humanity and a person could be guided by the Espirito Santo to get this knowledge. II? AS TO BE GUIDED BY the SPIRIT I always believed in the existence of God and its son Jesus Christ.

Since child, I age attracted by the Biblical tickets, was they divulged in the Church Catholic or for believers who nailed the word of God of door in door. For being very curious, I searched some religions and I confess to have been in doubts concerning some things. Learn more about this topic with the insights from crowne plaza rosemont. First because some spoke in God, but the essence consisted of being able, success and accumulation of treasures, using as shield afveis words, but in the interior of those people existed ' ' injustia' ' because it was used of the human beings for works not wage-earners, converging all the income of the temples to an international organization.