Dynamic Labyrinth

I think identical twins are thirteen to me. Circular Dynamics: Vast is his gaze, penetrating, while the notice in my head, inspecting the recesses of my mind and far beyond, to see what comes now and then I think, so is expected always to me … Now I feel that he, with his eyes wide, it's me, because it lets me be, because it takes all my actions before that I can do. Live my life before me, and think and talk before I can. Steals my thought and word, and walk all day in front of me with his eyes wide, penetrating, while the notice in my head inspecting the recesses of my mind and far beyond, to guess what I think and now then think about it. Cyclic dynamics: The water falls from the sky and no clouds, only a transparent atmosphere, but water, like a torrent, I rolled back to the way a sugar cube. My substance, diluted in the river water flows through cracks in the stone slipping into places unknown, as well as the water falling from a clear and cloudless sky, it broke me like a sugar cube, to slip into unknown corner of a place that is wet with my whole substance and an unexpected water clear and cloudless sky that rushed like a torrent upon me … Dynamic Labyrinth: Within any doubt there are further questions that originated in the inability to define what is the doubt that contains moving circle expands and regenerates, which feeds on the very absence decision.