More and more people consume more and more drugs drugs and the destruction of consciousness and creativity since the early 1960s. What began in the United States during these years, spread also soon to Europe. Under the concept of drugs are also legal, bewusstseins – and personality-altering substances, to understand such as psychotropic drugs and alcohol because they are consumed as well as noise and drug. At the physical level, are drugs this effect that they either stimulate certain chemical reactions in the human body or inhibit. Drug-induced effects (damage) accumulate in the body and can lead to various physical and mental impairments.

Even years after you quit drugs, blackouts “arise or memory lapses, the whole years disappear. Drugs can affect also the concentration, work and learning, as well as the ability to use other to cope. You can literally create a life in debris. Studies show that drug addiction often starts in physical problems or some form of hopelessness. Is a man unable to change undesirable living conditions, then he tends to change at least the perception of these circumstances even with chemical help. There are also many ways in the addiction, but only a few. Because working approaches are apparently scarce.

In particular, a group has worldwide earned a reputation, to consume basically no drugs as a means of tackling life: Scientologists. Take neither any street drugs such as cannabis or cocaine yet psychotropic drugs, which are advertised by dejection to overweight as a panacea for anything and everything. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, discovered that drugs pose a major obstacle on the way to intellectual progress and higher levels of consciousness, the primary goal of the Scientology religion. And this above all Therefore, because drug residues can cause negative emotional and physical reactions in the body even after many years. Members of the Scientology church stand at the head of an international drug awareness campaign, which is composed of numerous local, regional and national initiatives and moving the drugs with various actions in the public consciousness. Also lectures in schools, companies and institutions are an important pillar of this campaign. You enable schoolchildren as well as adults, the impact of drugs on body, mind and person understanding and decisions about drugs and drug use on knowledge rather than to start on speculation. Scientologists and Scientology churches engage in many ways for a Europe which finds its way even without drugs, and for a similar world.