The program must all accepted and be promoted by the hierarchic system of the company of the high direction until the laborers, collaborators. It is important that all beyond participativos are compromised to the cause of the program. Therefore it is not only enough to be participativo and not to commit itself, this is a movement that demands the contribution of all the involved ones in the way of action. 2.1.1 General vision of 5S? s Figure 1 Osada (P. 35, 1992) figure 1 in them illustrates the per item philosophy proposal of the concepts of the methodology, for a company with objective to implant the program must follow the cited principles above.

IN BRAZIL the program arrived at Brazil in the decade of 90 with the increasing search of more productive systems of management. To be implanted it was not possible to place the same terms, therefore words with the same meanings do not exist that start with the letter ‘ ‘ S’ ‘ in our language, then the word was adopted sense in the front of each concept, thus keeping the essence of the philosophy 5S. This expression translated with perfection the ideas of attitude and predisposition to generate the behaviors of use, ordinance, cleanness, standardization and self-discipline. The implantation of this method of organization has as a matter of principle to evidence the good habits and elimination of wastefulnesses and losses, to not only improve the work environment, but also to get innumerable benefits, such as: Otimizao of the space: to accomplish the otimizao of the space it must separate what it is necessary for the execution of each task eliminating everything what he is unnecessary, thus extending the physical space. Prevention of breakings and accidents: to use tools in adequate and safe way, using security equipment and carrying through always the maintenance of the equipment, the tools and the maquinrios.