Parricides of the history, planting the continent’s arms, invective and military bases to go in race against national essences, which never felt or understood because they got used to look outward, to hold facing outwards, simply. Do do bringing the outside to the inside? will say? to finish dynamite the internal rest and thus keep interest and position personal, business, billet, company, finances, slaves, always notorious profile, the cute boy son of always learning to subdue villages, train slaves are castes governing still and are committed to destruction at all to exist in one staff, with his beloved window opened outwards, where now enter inevitably flows contranacionales, threatening up to themselves (if you don’t balance faithful with the Godfather), arrasantes, unstoppable. Now that people woke up and seem to arms take, claiming stories to them already (the children of Paez and) Santander) they have more than the formality of declaring his side, i.e., the foreigner, namely abroad, but on earth itself, going against their paisas meanly and countrymen. What two Bolivarian countries broken relationships, because one wakes up towns and other numbing them? when in the interest of the castes was established diplomatic relations among peoples and for peoples, beyond of the tillering of the unspeakable interest themselves there? There were commercial, capitalist relations of good, but never a glass correspondent of historical feelings of homeland, of conscience, of history, identification and identity, origins and backgrounds of authentic feelings of peoples. There was always a blood status, power and money over, and another of sweat, exploitation and misery below. Who starved people can try fraternity relations if the bellows barely him for survival, fencing as he lived in the middle of the domain to? through of ignorance? The story had also been removed him. Now that the people rises, she begins the war of independence again, fratricidal as every war when the enemy lives in house as a brother who never was, or against a foreman (economic class and Government) that always the governed him at least recognized nationality, innocent of deception. But there war, neither present nor future could not be.

Suffice that the town is back to sleep and no revolutionary leader is set to stir the divine status of the system of things of the past; Suffice it to slaves return to their wells and the traditional ruling class, with its system of cartillaje of human exploitation (capitalism), then posts his command, as children of Paez and Santander are, on the quiet dust deposited on top of the sarcophagus of Simon Bolivar; Suffice it that the godfather of the ruling class again receive bulges of energy resources into their coffers, no matter that a loco by There speak of Justice, revolution or treason, nor that the plain people of people lose skin on the handle of the blade. Otherwise, there will be war, an unusual, which is palpable in the historic environment, between the side of the godchildren and godparents, and the descamisados in rebellion. It is not a pitch luck, but a story. Notes: * the joke referred more or less says so: A Creole falls le to strokes to a Spanish because they changed us espejitos for gold or us killed. When the assaulted replica that was a long time ago, the aggressor responding but I I found out this morning.