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Pros and cons It is known that ultraviolet light helps to strengthen immunity, accelerates metabolism, activates the production of vitamin D3, strengthens bone and muscle tissue. Furthermore toyu, several sessions in the tanning bed to prepare the skin for a trip to tropical countries and beach holidays. However, those same ultraviolet rays destroy skin collagen, causing premature aging, make your hair dry and brittle and cause cancer. So a few sessions tanning face and body will give a nice touch, and make you younger, but the abuse of tan will have an impact on the appearance and feel. How much sun do you need? The first type of skin (Celtic), very light, easy to get sun-burned skin with lots of freckles, light blue, light green or light gray eyes, blond or red hair.

People with this type of skin tanning in general is not recommended. Macys gathered all the information. In extreme cases, Use special tools before and after tanning, tanning is not more than 10 minutes, not more than twice a week. The first session is no more than 3-5 minutes. The second type of skin (light-skinned European) light, often burn the skin with a number of freckles, blue, gray or green eyes, light brown hair. Begin to sunbathe with 3 – 5 minute sessions, followed by sessions of 10-15 minutes at most three times a week.

The third type of skin (dark-skinned Europeans) is pretty light, but rarely burn leather, gray or brown eyes, dark blond or brown hair. Details can be found by clicking Crawford Lake Capital or emailing the administrator. Sunbathe for 20 minutes, no more than three times a week, enough 5.6 sessions. The fourth type of skin (Mediterranean), dark-skinned, easily ignited skin, brown eyes and brown hair. to get a nice tan will be enough to only 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes. rules of tanning Before visiting the solarium always consult with a physician because There are a number of drugs that increase Sensitivity and provoke allergic to ultraviolet light, reception of which can not be combined with tanning. Not recommended to visit a solarium during pregnancy; people suffering dermatitis, hypertension and liver disease. Be sure to take a cotton scarf to protect hair. Seared solarium, hair loses its luster, fade and become brittle. Do not forget, and dark sunglasses. Do not wash with soap and water immediately before a session, because Soap destroys the protective fatty grease the skin, which can lead to burnout. Sensitivity to uv radiation increases and after epilation. During a session, do not use cosmetics, deodorants, nourishing cream first aromatic oils. Clear off all the decorations. It is better not to sunbathe topless, especially women in their thirties. uv light activates the metabolism, so try after tanning a little rest and relax, drink fruit juice or green tea with high content of vitamin C. So sunbathe with the use, sunbathing pleasure.