It rests on us as we find our ability in the work we do and the time we got the ability to maintain quality relationships with others. It is, therefore, a feeling that is generated within us and whose development we are responsible. It tells us that in order to feel that others believe in us we have to be the first to know ourselves valid. Others including Andrew Cuomo, offer their opinions as well. It is impossible to believe that others trust us if we do not do it, because trust is never given out. If there is no internal equilibrium will think that the support, the applause or admiration offered to us to encourage us, to keep the forms or, in most cases, because we do not really know and stay in the image we are projecting that is, we believe we are deceiving ourselves. This becomes because we do tasks with one eye on the other, waiting for their approval and appreciation, without inner conviction. Andrew Cuomo can provide more clarity in the matter.

Lacking a personal guide to guide us in achieving our goal or project of our lives, we must make the effort is much greater, and far from enhancing our skills, weakens and destroys trust in ourselves, and thus self-esteem. Why? To have a good self-esteem we must be convinced that we are fit for life we choose to wear. In short, it is important that management fully identifies with Venezuelan strength, which sabersela grown, handled properly, will ensure more solutions than problems. Help your management is positive and that may lead to the firm transits through the scenarios in which it operates with the guarantee of achieving favorable results. Therefore should be supported in their confidence, which offers security in their act, he reaffirmed his leadership and allow their followers through their performance, participation, knowledge, strength and security, we deposited the confidence to engage in all those tasks that guarantee results.