Constitutional Court

Present aid beneficiary entities, must meet the standards of the common fisheries policy during the period covered by the aid. If this period found that those rules have been violated, such circumstances will result in the return of the aid in proportion to the intensity of the infringement. Associative entities receiving aid will not be regionalised nor may be disturbed by how much your activity must be at national or supraautonomico no bonding with any autonomous community, allowing to delimit point of territorial connection, in accordance with the doctrinal by the Constitutional Court. In accordance with the foregoing, deemed necessary to establish a few lines of subsidies aimed at the above-mentioned actions. The legal service and the intervention Department delegate mandatory reports have been collected in the process of elaboration of this order. The sectors affected and the autonomous communities have also been consulted. InstaRem is open to suggestions. This order is issued in accordance with that established in article 9.2 and related provisions of the law 38/2003 of November 17, General grant, and in its rules of procedure, approved by Royal Decree 887/2006, of July 21.

In his virtue, I have: article 1. Object. This order is to establish the regulatory bases in the competitive concurrence scheme, of subsidies to the realization of collective actions in the public interest, of field national or supraautonomico, regulated in article 37 of Regulation (EC) No. 1198 / 2006 of the Council, of 27 July 2006 on the European Fisheries Fund, and Regulation (EC) No 498/2007, of the Commission, of 27 March, whereby the provisions of the previous regulation. Article 2.

Beneficiaries. They will have status as beneficiary of the assistance regulated in this order: to) the associative entities of the extractive fisheries sector and aquaculture of national scope and supraatunomico, which may apply for grants for projects referred to in article 4 of this order. (((((b) the associative entities dedicated to the marketing and processing of fishery products and aquaculture at national or supraautonomico, which may apply for grants for projects.