Conference of Reutlingen University deals with virtual worlds and 3D applications Reutlingen. Man machine – immersion. Under this title the Faculty invited inside computer science on Wednesday to the Informatics Conference. One day, scientists and students on the development and applications of virtual reality and 3D discussed applications. Many problems, as a conclusion of the Conference, can only be solved if the researchers know more about the perception of the people. How up-to-date is the topic of virtual reality (VR) and how diverse VR applications now be used to dimension referred in his presentation, Dr. Christoph Runde of the virtual center in Fellbach, Germany. Three-dimensional models have been used to calculate the ash cloud that has caused the groundings.

No individual, so round. Virtual realities would now used in almost all areas. Ranging from the crash test to the computer simulated aircraft construction and flow calculations, until back to digital 3D landscape models that the consequences of a Flood would be calculated. Problems with these and other VR would be created applications due to the lack of user friendliness, so round. The technical Know-How lacking many companies.

Staff with appropriate knowledge are hard to find. Here,”so round to the students, it is her chance”. The talks made it clear how much research still needs to be done until VR applications correspond to the reality, on the morning of the Conference. So, Dr. Betty Mohler from the Max Planck pointed Institute in Tubingen on it that people always have different move in the virtual space, as in real life. It runs through virtual rooms more slowly and can orient worse”, so the American scientist. The problem from their point of view: We know still too little about ourselves, how we think, feel, hear or see. Only when we understand this, so Mohler continues, we could build virtual worlds in which we find ourselves without any problems right.