Common Goals

When there is a common goal – it is easier to achieve. It unites the group and sets up the participants into active work. Most likely, the low activity group and your fatigue after the training – links in a chain, and the reason for this lies in the intra-group processes. Do not forget to transfer responsibility for decision-making participants of the training and use of energy. Recently, I conducted training and collided with unusual situation for me – a group with whom I worked, made up of one design department and all its members have demonstrated a surprising behavior of the coherence and consistency in all its decisions and actions. At first I was delighted such a harmonious work groups, and easier running of training, however, by the middle of the day I realized that the participants relax, they have all been good, everything turned out, stay in the group was comfortable. Actively discussed topics not related to training and self learning for the group was of secondary importance.

Give that could lead to this result and how to deal with such situations? Ruslan. Business coach. Ruslan, the reaction of participants of the training, you described was caused by excessive group cohesion. Such happens when the participants know each other well, used to work as a team, to understand each other once. Such a group is often distracted by the discussion of abstract order, the participants self-satisfied and quite active, they do not want to learn, and coach them only a hindrance.