Chief Manager

Based on experience in training can be identified The three most significant mistake made subordinate to the interaction with the supervisor. 1.Uverennost that the obvious subordinate should also be obvious leader. Suggesting any ideas officers, employees often speak as if talking to yourself. But people are different. And the head is often simply can not understand the whole "genius" idea of a slave for two reasons: the difference in the vision of the situation and not understanding the language of description. In the first case, the slave tries to convince the head of a department need to pay premiums for a good job, considering that this is a matter of course. But for a manager is not an obvious need such a step.

Moreover, such a move perceived by them as another cost and an attempt to profit at the expense of the company. To convince the manager, you need to think like a manager, look at the situation from his position. What is the value of the work, which department did the importance of paying premiums, and how this award will affect the work of the department. As well as the consequences of failure can lead the award. Then this step is perceived as a leader organizational decision, not "walking on a leash" "uppity" If a slave to speak the language of description, it is particularly clear if the bug is characteristic of experts in such professional fields, on which the head often has a rather superficial view (eg: the work of the chief accountant, programmer).