A really spectacular prototype was unveiled at the Los Angeles show. It’s the innovative Urban Luxury designed by the Cadillac Automobile Company, which is a model of display that has quite narrow dimensions, and a body of three doors, the two pivoting side, i.e. that they open up. This strange vehicle filed by the subsidiary of General Motors, measured about 3.83 meters of length, wide and 1.44 meters high 1.73. But more than the small measures, Urban Luxury stands out for the incorporation of the hinged front doors.

The simplicity is a big factor in this case, because that just by pressing a button located on the control console, and doors will trigger, so you can access the inside of the vehicle. And precisely with regard to its interior we must say that it has been enhanced with two front seats that can be moved longitudinally and also reclined in several positions. As for the engine, it has a hybrid propulsion system, composed of a mechanical of three cylinder gasoline and a litre of displacement, which thanks to the electric assistance presents a fairly profitable fuel expense, 4.2 liters in the city, and 3.6 liter on Highway. Besides this small prototype has wheels 19-inch and a few screen touch of great size that replace to the more traditional controls that are typically found in other models of Cadillacs control boards. Finally mention a quite interesting feature that has to do with the occupants of the car can interact with different systems through a network that is already installed. Only remains to know if from the American company will decide by producing and marketing this prototype, called Urban Luxury, or single will be left with this unique model of sample.