Breaking New Ground

New ideas with the tinplate packaging is the first company of the tinplate packaging sector doses worlds Kolban succeeded in setting a new trend in tin cans. The company goes into a new product segment with a functional metal packaging, which can be used as a business-card-box or Vistenkartenetuie. As of August 2010, commercial customers in Germany the name can buy card box in the online shop of cans worlds Kolban. In addition, the company offers the individual printing with company logo or name in digital printing. The new business card dispenser VIVA fire & ice is there in the handy format of 92x67x27mm with the base colour silver Matt and 2 color variants of the locking plastic red and blue colored. Thus, the color combination fits perfectly to the colors of most customer logos in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The metal can store up to 75 business cards and is therefore the ideal companion on measuring! After two years of development, investments of some thousand euros, the breakthrough of the Development Department: a tin can, in your functionality and the design leaves nothing to be desired. Mathias Kolban, Managing Director of cans worlds, is thrilled by the result: “our goal is to continually improve our products for consumers, no compromises in design in your functionality and to engage in the handling.

We are proud that we achieved this after years of development. In the future we will continue to work on improving the metal containers.” Succeeded in the first step in the segment of business card box for 2010, and the company plans in addition the relaunch of metal cans with Christmas motifs for the winter season 2010 cans worlds Kolban is a subsidiary company of the trade representation Kolban headquartered in Braunschweig. The group in more than 10 countries export more than 50 formats of metal packaging.