Attitude Towards Work

The reason why many people have not achieved financial freedom is because they have not known in time change the attitude towards work; they become accustomed to always do the same thing. Many of them would like to change, but remaining dams between fears and doubts. In other words many people don’t change by being prisoners of their fears and fears. Those fears and fears do continue a lifetime doing the same thing and at the same time hoping that things will change. This is natural, because it is easier to continue doing what they always have fact that start something new.

But to achieve financial freedom, many times we have to do something new start from nothing. Many people tend to make changes, but within a same quadrant. They will work in work in search of a pay or greater happiness. It’s too difficult to achieve financial freedom. They are still people that more work and more taxes paid with no chance of a great progress. The idea of employment is a product of the industrial era.

Anyone who follow attached to those rules left behind in their finances with respect to persons who they conform to the rules of the new era of information. If we cling to the idea of job security, the automatic pay raises and seniority at work, we will continue to archaic rules. The good thing is that there never has been greater opportunities to obtain financial freedom, but to obtain it is necessary to think about a change.