Alexis Jimenez

PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez closed the Bible carefully. It pains to avoid their deterioration. You’re obsessive, told his mother on one occasion. He personally believed it was being careful. But something that concerned him, after reading the word of God, was their spiritual life. In the Office the next morning would be as always with the order from his superior so that enmascarara certain financial reports that at a glance passed unnoticed, but which were illegal.

An in-depth investigation would have revealed iban in contravia provisions by the authorities of the country tax. On the other hand was his girlfriend, Aurora. They took seven months of relationship. Some soap opera, how she used to repeat. With difficulties, yet firm.

The problem – however – presented two weeks ago. After staying alone, they succumbed to the temptation and ended up falling into fornication. The situation had been put in consideration of the pastor of the Congregation, and in addition to separate temporarily from the Ministry, agreed to not return to do the same; but was tempted call so that they would see in a discreet place and finally the when, the review would have on the University. A partial calculation. It was not good for mathematics, but it should deal with them. Joseph, a friend, had proposed to make trap copying formulas. What do? I was tempted. But once again the central issue: his faithfulness to Jesus Christ. It was above all. However with so many subtle invitations of the spiritual enemy to Sin again, didn’t know what to do. Pray? Of course. Despite this, in some moments I thought incitement was greater that their forces remain strong in Christ, the goal being a Christian isn’t easy. If someone sold you a contrary idea, let me tell you that not you told the truth fully.